Sunday, August 07, 2011

~Heard Heidi Cullen on Fresh Air With Terry Gross and while (as the transcript shows) she almost came across a tad bit excitable and "Clueless" (actual block quote: "You know, it means we've got these high overnight temperatures. And, you know, it's, you know, public health officials in cities especially get really worried when they see these, what we call high dew points, these high moisture levels because, you know, for older folks and for, you know, young children, just, it makes it really hard for your body to sweat and to cool off.") her book still sounded very interesting. So I snagged a copy and am a few chapters in and thus far it's an easy read (but doesn't feel dumbed down--or so I tell myself ;) and is giving a good mix of explaining what climate change means, its history and politics, plus brief bios of important figures and their inventions/research in the advance of the scientific study and record-making that has made it all too clear that global warming is happening whether or not we believe in it. It's a good book. Check it out/borrow it/buy it=read it!

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