Sunday, August 07, 2011

~Heard Heidi Cullen on Fresh Air With Terry Gross and while (as the transcript shows) she almost came across a tad bit excitable and "Clueless" (actual block quote: "You know, it means we've got these high overnight temperatures. And, you know, it's, you know, public health officials in cities especially get really worried when they see these, what we call high dew points, these high moisture levels because, you know, for older folks and for, you know, young children, just, it makes it really hard for your body to sweat and to cool off.") her book still sounded very interesting. So I snagged a copy and am a few chapters in and thus far it's an easy read (but doesn't feel dumbed down--or so I tell myself ;) and is giving a good mix of explaining what climate change means, its history and politics, plus brief bios of important figures and their inventions/research in the advance of the scientific study and record-making that has made it all too clear that global warming is happening whether or not we believe in it. It's a good book. Check it out/borrow it/buy it=read it!
~I'm going to Bulgaria and Poland in two weeks to visit friends and attend a wedding. Looking forward to the opportunities for change that must arise from this journey. Am contemplating trading in all my old Nikon 35mm and Mamiya 7II gear for a D300s and simplifying my camera collection at the same time as bringing my photo gear firmly into the 21st century. Seems a worthwhile thing to look into. I think my budget will be pretty stretched and I probably won't be able to get the D300s quite yet (since I'd need a modern lens to accompany it and the budget is DEFINITELY not there for that), but it's time to get a DSLR because I do still enjoy photography but shooting with point-and-shoots frustrates and angers me (and the cost of film/processing prevents me from making images with the nice sturdy old film-based paperweights I spent so much money on years ago). All that aside, I'm VERY excited to be going on another journey through Europe! Going to see my friends! So many of my friends moved away in the past few years following their own dreams that I didn't even notice my own dreams withering as I fought off depressions and just focused on my navel. Happy to report there's little of interest down there--at least not visible to the naked eye. I will visit another blood-brother in Korea before too long, and of course will visit my sister in New Zealand before she's done with school! Meanwhile, life in DC goes on and I continue installing and handling art in an awesome commercial gallery on a weekly basis and on a less frequent schedule do the same stuff at the Smithsonian's donut-shaped modern art museum. Interviewed for a full-time entry-level job, but had LOTS of time to think between applying and interviewing and decided that it didn't make sense for me for many reasons and as a result I didn't give my best interview. I like my jobs, none of them--including my p/t arborist work--is going to be what I do forever, so I'm taking the experiences and contacts from them and synthesizing what I need from each of them to make my own route that will ultimately cause my success to happen, perhaps even DESPITE my best efforts to prevent it ;) I'm aware of the adage, "It's the journey, not the destination," so I'm trying to eject my head from my ass (where I've stowed it again) and be present in each moment and really be open to life offering everything I want and need at that moment. Just a brief update on what's up. :)
~Man oh man, it's been a while since I've posted on this old blog! A highlight of the summer: my younger sister visited home for a few weeks from New Zealand where she's now halfway through vet school. It was the first time we'd seen her (outside of Skype) in 3+ years and it was a blast having her around. Drove her home from Dulles upon her late-night arrival (the first of several late-night drives down Rte. 29 to spend time at home while she was there) and it revived a long-forgotten summertime pleasure: listening to pop-country on the radio! These are all good pop-country summertime records in my estimation. Let me give them all a whooohooo. Whooohoooo. ;)