Thursday, November 25, 2010

~NOvember: This year my parents both turned 70, so we had an amazing celebratory dinner at Basic Necessities, then Gomi + I hit the VMFA to see the new wing + the enthralling Sally Mann not-retrospective retrospective



~NOvember: JFM + I hit the gardens at Dumbarton Oaks to see Patrick Dougherty's sculpture--very cool. He had an installation in Providence when she was in school, + I believe Lyt's neighbor Jeanne Drevas has worked with him before, so I felt how connected the world is when I was experiencing the work.
The apple pictured is a deliciously crisp Arkansas Black grown by Lyt (it also relates to gardens methinks ;).

~October into NOvember: JFM in the NGA elevator; Calder; Shira walking through my photo of Julie Wolfe's debut Hemphill exhibit; not-yet-laden bookshelves with pix of dear friends (+ a Mary Early work on paper); an autumnal evening sky portends of dark winter days to come.

~October: JFM at Hemphill for the last day of Renee Stout's outstanding exhibit; Beltway construction; Old Rag from near Lyt's home; Rappahannock pruning; my dad checking out Renee's work at Hemphill.

~September/California outtakes: Venice Beach; JFM with orange backdrop; Villa garden view; JFM hugging a sculpture copy installed for visitors to touch.