Sunday, January 18, 2009

~A freaking cold Saturday was spent indoors making envelopes and a couple of small pamphlets. We hit Medaterra for drinks with JFM's friends from out of town, before wandering to Black Cat for a birthday/Corcoran kids night out. Whoo. Gotta set up an airbed for my out of town visitors from NYC before heading--late--to the Lincoln for a gander at the crowd. Then there's prepping for the party to be held in a handful of hours. Sheesh.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

~Well. Inauguration is right around the corner. As is the next flurry of bills. Only got one thing on my mind. BILLS! Big ones. The Benjamins. BinHameen. Gonna have to see about pushing back my rent due date with my landlord, & hope that other sources, as yet unknown to me, enter my financial intake channels with a flow that overwhelms my enormous debt-building capacity.
~I've got Nikon lenses for sale (make an offer): 105 f4 Micro manual focus; 80-200 f2.8D AF ED; 35-70 f2.8D AF; 18.35 f3.5-4.5 AF EDIF

Saturday, January 10, 2009

~Harry's + Friday night openings (great shots hunh?!) + NE DC gas station

Wednesday, January 07, 2009

~Still life with Leffe.
~Tim DeVoe installing his sculpture at Carroll Square Gallery. The opening reception for Structural Vision is January 9th from 6-8PM at 975 F St NW.

Tuesday, January 06, 2009

~My friend Joe left a voicemail yesterday to tell me the New Years Day fire in NE that killed 6 people was at his uncle's home. Joe's 10 year old son is among the dead. The following is from a press release that may be found here:

At the request of Ward 5 Councilmember Harry "Tommy" Thomas, Jr., the Ward 5 Business Council has established the Tawana Gantt Fund at Cardinal Bank to assist with funeral arrangements for Tawana Gantt and the five other family members who perished with her in the January 1, 2009 Jackson Street, NE house fire: Ms. Gantt's daughter, Kaniya, age four; Oscar Wilson III, age 11; Joseph Wilson, age 10; Keith Nelson, age 23; and Charles Smith, age 72.

Ms. Gantt, 22, was a dedicated employee in the office of Councilmember Thomas where she worked on constituent service and Ward 5 Business Council issues.

Check may be made payable to the Tawana Gantt Fund and sent to:

Tawana Gantt Fund
c/o Ward 5 Business Council
PO Box 90918
Washington, DC 20090

Monday, January 05, 2009

~Contact show deinstall
~Sunrise strokes the skyline

~A grassy knoll bisected
~A shadow of itself
~Sunflare + shadow
~Girl + shadow
~White House + viewing stand

Friday, January 02, 2009

~I've now got less than my next months rent in "savings." Gotta call the IRS to arrange a payment schedule for my unpaid 2007 taxes. Got a voicemail telling me my car insurance is no more since they noticed the address on my check doesn't match the location where it's insured... so I've got to insure it before it moves again... which means I can't get to treework to make a quick chunk to pay for insuring it. Haha. I think everything has finally lined up to make my desire to leave the country for an extended stay a reality! Use the last 40% of my available credit line to get a ticket to Spain & disappear into their crowds of unemployed. Finally. Checklist: credit cards, passport, cameras, calendar, toiletries, guidebook w/map, book & eyepatch for planeride, Spanish phrase book, big middle finger to bullshit, hmmm--that's it right? The American Dream--work that costs money.