Tuesday, February 24, 2009

~Laptop died for real a month ago. Probably won't be replaced for many moons. Could get a new mobile computing device instead, but that too is in the future (the Future? In The Year 2000?).
~The Barnett-Aden Collection is up at HEMPHILL until March 7th--I highly recommend seeing it (ask for a catalog while you're there). I hung works by artists including Romare Bearden, Elizabeth Catlett, Aaron Douglas, Jacob Lawrence, Norman Lewis, Henry Tanner, and Alma Thomas, works by many of them can also be seen on the walls of the National Gallery.
~So I'm proud, & slothful. But I haven't climbed as many trees as my sloth-like nature would prefer. Did climb about 10 trees one day a few weeks ago--that was an enjoyable workout on a warm sunny day.
~Spent a lot of $$$ getting ancient film processed last week. It's good to see fresh negatives. Time-traveled to May 2005: Barcelona, Bilbao, Nice....
~Weather permitting, I'll spend my 31st birthday on the Devil's Backbone in Highland County with a bunch of old friends from the Blue Moon Crew.
~Watched a few movies recently, read a few books, finished a Booklist (#39, running from 5/23/06-2/23/09--it took forever!!!)... so 26x39=1014 books finished & listed since I began my Booklist obsession in November of 1990.
~Yet to train for the April 4 C'ville 10Miler. Guess it'll be painful fun.
~The Euclid Angels Book Club is now reading The Omnivore's Dilemma, by Michael Pollan. I have to pick up a copy today.

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