Friday, January 02, 2009

~I've now got less than my next months rent in "savings." Gotta call the IRS to arrange a payment schedule for my unpaid 2007 taxes. Got a voicemail telling me my car insurance is no more since they noticed the address on my check doesn't match the location where it's insured... so I've got to insure it before it moves again... which means I can't get to treework to make a quick chunk to pay for insuring it. Haha. I think everything has finally lined up to make my desire to leave the country for an extended stay a reality! Use the last 40% of my available credit line to get a ticket to Spain & disappear into their crowds of unemployed. Finally. Checklist: credit cards, passport, cameras, calendar, toiletries, guidebook w/map, book & eyepatch for planeride, Spanish phrase book, big middle finger to bullshit, hmmm--that's it right? The American Dream--work that costs money.

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