Thursday, September 25, 2008

~Had a bad run-in with poison ivy Monday. Painful. My itchy, swollen hands drive me nearly to tears a few times a day when the PI acts up & I respond with the forbidden scratch (not masturbation ;).
~Back to the "two Saturdays on, two Saturdays off" gallery grind after a delightfully long summer stretch when we were closed Saturdays. But it's nice to break up the work week, giving me another weekday off for me to get chores done, or schedule art installation work, or fritter away money. Or!!! Or, get back to creating & learning stuff!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

~Years ago my brother wrote a song about an El Camino. He missed out on an entertaining performance art event/destruction of an El Camino last night as The Yay Team demolished a 1979 Super Sport with sledge hammers to protest the waste of energy promoted by driving such a large-engined (& delicious looking) gas guzzling machine.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

~Tonight is the official night of gallery openings on 14th St.
~My friends The YAY Team have a performance piece scheduled for 8:21PM in the parking lot next to the 1515 ARTS BLDG. Corey & I hung out with Jenn trying to beat the heat this afternoon, but it didn't work. May even bring evening thunderstorms!
~Corey & I also hit the Corcoran to check out the Avedon exhibit after brunching with Julia at The Diner.
~My boy Rafal is under the weather--aren't we all?--or more specifically: sick, so I'm hoping he gets back up to speed soon so we can guzzle sushi & Sapporo.
~This weekend's as hot & muggy as it's been in nearly a month! Yum!
~Pix: WAC installed; 14th & T; WAC poster in Jantzen printer.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

~Cops raced past me, pedal to the metal, when I was about 5 blocks from home this afternoon shortly after 3:30. When I turned down my street I saw that there were about 10 police vehicles on my block with lights swirling. As I maneuvered around them, I saw that they were wandering around with their pistols drawn. After I turned into the alley to park I saw a couple of cops glancing around our parking area, then looking around our neighbors' alley-backs too. I went inside without bothering them, figuring they'd tell me to shut up & go inside anyway. Soon after they strung up yellow crime scene tape & shut down my half block as well as the block across 11th. I asked one of the officers what had happened & he said that the car parked directly across the street from my front door had just had its back window shot out. I'm not a porch-sitter at this place, I tend to come home just to get ready to go elsewhere--it's not home like my old place was--so I didn't know whose car it was. Odds are if this had happened at the old place I would've known whose car, & where they lived... knowledge like that comes from staying in a place for a good length of time. Anyway. My neighborhood kind of sucks. I miss my old home. Boohoo.
~On a happier note... I'm getting ready to go see the Silver Jews! Whooo!

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

~Friday evening I attended the Carrol Square Gallery opening for Lucian Perkins' super-poppy color photographs of tourists around the National Mall in 1987. Perhaps because it's photography, perhaps because it's good photography, & of amusing subjects seen well--whatever the reason, I highly recommend this exhibit of Perkins' work. I got a touch tipsy on a few glasses of wine, talked with a few people (art & L'Enfant acquaintances) once I got tipsy, ogled the many hot ladies, sampled a few of the superb chocolates from Co Co. Sala & bounced next door to Reyes+Davis with George & Lenore to finally check out that space. Finally left in the misty rain & hoofed it to Rafal's bar.
~Had a very nice weekend, except that I picked up a cold somewhere along the line & it caused me to have a sore throat & snot explosions from my nose today.
~Hope to end my old housing debacle next week via talks with the landlord.
~Monday left me exhausted: got up at 6:30am, left at 7 to climb a giant beech tree at 8:30, descended for lunch, then back up the beast, hit ground again after 3:30, left the Maestro's estate around 4:15, hit rush-hour traffic on 29 & 66, arrived home at 6pm, had leftover pasta, walked to fetch 2 beers & a crepe around 9:30, felt my cold punch me hard on my walk home as I flashed Joe gang signs, crashed into bed & had terrible sleep.
~Tomorrow I plan to climb more trees. Then return home. Then shit, shower, shave, before continuing with my plans for the evening. Dinner, maybe a beer (or 2?), then on to The Black Cat to see the Silver Jews & maybe make my brother a tiny bit envious. ;)
~Had a pretty good August, financially speaking. Lest the Bentley raise eyebrows--it's a lease.
~Am looking forward with bated & baited breath for our first female vice president! Whoohooo! WTF's wrong with people. I'll get involved in local politics if it means I have a shot at being picked to run for vp when I'm old enough.
~Saturday night kicks off the fall season of openings for the galleries around 14th & P. Good stuff: Bill Christenberry at Hemphill, Teo Gonzalez at Irvine Contemporary, a selection of works from Adamson Editions at Adamson Gallery, works on paper by Kate McGraw & Ann Tarantino at Curator's Office.... Check stuff out, it's not always happening on Saturday night! Transformer Gallery hosts their half of a two-night opening Friday before the Saturday night portion occurs at the Mexican Cultural Institute, located at 2829 16th St. Art is in the air, so catch it. Whooo.

Thursday, September 04, 2008

~Spent a surprising amount of money on unexpected repairs for my Camry. One may ask what amount of money qualifies as "surprising," but the answer is probably best determined by the individual. Harrumph.
~Yesterday I was honored to receive a copy of Bill Christenberry's newest book, Working From Memory.
~Ulah Bistro is a fun 6-month-old restaurant/lounge to hit up for yummy food, good beers on tap, & an attractive staff. I have a feeling I'm going to hang out there a lot since it's not far from home.
~Margaret's visiting from New Zealand in November. Looking forward to it... but I've gotta find an AeroBed or a silly DWR sleeper ;)