Friday, May 30, 2008


Friday, May 23, 2008

~My blog today completed its 2nd year.
~Moping: gf's outta town for a handful of days; I lack $$$$$ to pay bills coming in the next couple of weeks, my brother Rafal's finally leaving Demon House; I want a new friendly bar to hang out at now & then (subtracted a strange friendship & stopped attending what used to be my neighborhood haunt 6 weeks ago); need a new co-primary job that'll cooperate with my tough-to-schedule-other-jobs-around gallery job & that produces an income that allows me to pay off my skyrocketing credit card debt & get my savings back on track; my other Demon House pal is in Cameroon for the summer.
~Reasons not to mope: Gotta girlfriend! Have a job! Had 2 awesome years getting into trouble with brother Rafal! Many other bars in the neighborhood, & I'll be on the move before too long & have to find new hangouts then anyway! Many great jobs await me, just biding their time until I call, bump into, or stumble upon them. Credit cards suck, I don't see an upside/counter-punch. New faces & new energy in the Demon!? I'm invited to a good buddy's Sunday afternoon BBQ in Alexandria! A good buddy & former housemate may hang out this weekend! Gotta DC Temp Resident parking permit, so I conceded my driveway to the city's parking ticket punks & their best efforts in taxing my out-of-state car. Finally kicked into a higher bad-ass running gear yesterday & sprinted down the RC trail!

Thursday, May 22, 2008

~Tuesday I drove to Charlottesville again since tree work was called off & I had errands to run there: got new running shoes at Ragged Mountain Running Shop, cut down a tree & cleared gutters for my sister, got a burger & beers at South Street Brewery, met my brother for a beer at Escafe, & left town early Wednesday morning with more Spudnuts & coffee to quell my grumbling tummy on the drive to Warrenton for tree work.

~Drove out to UPS in Landover with Joe on Monday.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

~My girlfriend & I left DC midday Friday for a weekend of running around Virginia. Briefly hit Charlottesville on our way to Nature Camp where, despite Spring Work Weekend's last-minute two-week postponement, there were still a couple of friends I wanted to see... as well as give Julia a chance to see the place where many of the people I grew up around were campers &/or counselors. Flip & Jim & my brother were there. Lots of work is being done to bring 50-some-year-old electrical wiring up to code. Trenches & mud.
~Had to roll out almost as soon as we arrived in order to get to Crozet Pizza in time to pick up our lavish feast for my mom's 68th birthday. But we made a pitstop at the Blue Ridge Parkway's first overlook so I could point out where my parents live... less than 5 miles from Rockfish Gap, where the Parkway begins & the Skyline Drive ends. Took backroads into Crozet, past my Granddaddy Schultz's house, picked up from the smiling folks at the pizza joint, then drove home past what used to be my Grandmother Bain's huge old Victorian in the midst of a tree-lined field, but which (by virtue of its context having been developed into shitshitfuck) is now an out of context oddity in a grotesque clusterfuck called Bargamin Park, full of townhouses & pathetic looking single-family houses. Leaving that behind we drove past all the big old farms & orchards of that area that will likely, before too many years go by, become more of the same homes... & then we reached home. Phew!!!
~Ate, people chattered at each other, & I bored folks by sharing the contents of old boxes of my photos. Julia & I raided my bookshelves & selected a good many good books to read or re-read. After a delightful strawberry shortcake that Elizabeth made from scratch it was time to head to bed... so we cruised into town & spent the night at Elizabeth's house (of course she was a fabulous hostess).
~Saturday brought Spudnuts (another good link here) & Mudhouse for breakfast in the sun at Lee Park. Then we checked out the newly renovated McGuffey Park, where I spent many a summer evening pumping my arms & legs trying to make the long-chained swings become parallel to the ground. Stopped by McGuffey Art Center to try to drop in on my buddy (& fellow Corcoran grad) Lana Lambert, but she wasn't in her studio so we skipped along....
~Whatever... it was a long day, but I thoroughly enjoyed getting to share my meandering & nonsensical thoughts, criticisms & my version of the history of my home country with my girlfriend-for-forever.
~After eating bad sandwiches (terrible bread & not much attention to detail overall--the Rotunda used to be so damn good!) from Foods Of All Nations in a cemetery (oh so romantic!!!) out Garth Road we headed out of town for Fredericksburg via the scenic route through Keswick, Cismont, & past Dr. Thomas Walker's Castle Hill.
~Of course we passed through The Wilderness & Chancellorsville.
~Hit the new Fredericksburg Expo/Convention Center to pick up my packet for the inaugural running of the USMC Historic Half.
~After dropping our bags at the hotel we hit Old Town to find dinner. I was feeling shy, but we finally decided on Basil's Bistro, a cute little Italian spot with two sidewalk tables & I was able to scoop one, so we sat outside & watched twilight take over. The pasta was quite tasty & the bread was yummy, but I had to finish Julia's to get full. Or almost full, as we had to save space for delicious ice cream just a block down Caroline St.
~Up before the sun this morning, Julia dropped me off at the shuttle bus & continued on to Old Town to find a good spot to watch, while I stretched at the starting area. It was a good course, not too crowded, the weather was perfect--cool & overcast--& the spectators were cheerful & excited. I enjoyed the run a lot & had fun--fun!? Yep. Finished in 1:57:38, which is a couple of minutes faster than my halfway split from the full USMC marathon last fall--1:59--& had plenty of energy to spare at the end as I kicked hard for the last two miles, including a big uphill to I-95, which made me feel good. Maybe I'll do the full or half in Baltimore in the fall! Whooooo!!!!!!!

Friday, May 09, 2008

~Two magnificent May days in VA. Gorgeous spots. Fun trees.
~JDP came over for Demon House pasta after work last night then graciously showed her studio & works in progress to Julia & me.

Saturday, May 03, 2008

~Eye know, eye know.
~Check out Ben Jurgensen's solo show at Meat Market.