Wednesday, April 30, 2008

~Monday & Tuesday saw the Demon Kitchen undergo an intensive facelift. Midday Monday Rafal urged me to join him in search of the source of a certain odor, which led to a vigorous exercise in kitchen cleaning. Which led to a plan to paint the kitchen to hide the 20-some years of dust & grease. Which led to a plan to scrub years of grime off the floor. On four hours of sleep we made an early Tuesday run for painting supplies & spent a couple of hours prepping--cobweb removal, holes spackled, windows & trim masked--before priming began midmorning. Antono bought us lunch before leaving to study. Refueled & happy the final painting began, with Audrey now on board after returning from school. Time flew like the paint & we were quickly done. After cleaning up, we attacked the floor. Exhausted but with lots yet to get done we refurnished the kitchen. Hit the grocery for dinner supplies, Rafal cooked, I lazed around, gorgeous girlfriends arrived, candles were lit, lights went low, wine supplies were heavily depleted... 'twas a very rewarding couple of days.

Monday, April 28, 2008

~Couple of pix from earlier this month. Today is cool & dreary. Doesn't make me wanna run--but mebbe I'll go splashing through Rock Creek's mud later. Need to work!!! Damn. Will be broke after I pay my next bill & then the vicious cycle hits with a vengeance with a bunch due in a short period... may finally be the time to find a real job & a stable living environment. Mebbe finally get my ISA certification, find a city arborist job that allows me to get rid of my car & make big $$$$$, or look to the Smithsonian arena for a f/t arts job, or go back to school for green design/architecture/stuff that intrigues me. Yep, after lots of yelping in the past, now may be the time for action. Have a girlfriend I wanna keep forever... so I must return to motion so I may create capital for life.

Sunday, April 27, 2008

~An Inglorious Skedaddle.
~A Glorious Weekend.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

~Just touched a tendon in my wrist while pruning on Earth Day... oops... an instant spurt of gushing blood was followed by elevating my arm & applying pressure, but my arm was covered in blood. Now my wrist is swollen & a tiny bit stiff but the wound looks healthy... I've hit my knee a few times in the past, but that never made an exciting fountain of blood. I love my Silky but the risk that comes with using sharp tools is creating wounds that spurt blood! Yummy!
~Ran the Mall with Rafal today under the invigorating midday sun. Ran the muddy & puddly Rock Creek trails in the rain Monday evening... 'twas awesome.
~Beach dreams... need to go.
~Have been kicking in my dreams recently... it's exciting when one's body follows dream commands... also dangerous! I nearly broke my big toe a couple months ago while kicking someone--only I'd kicked the wall when I woke in pain; last night I kneed my girlfriend. Woops!!!

Monday, April 21, 2008

~Value added! See here! No money down! If you lived here you would be home now! A great time to buy! See here!

Sunday, April 20, 2008

~Walked home with my good friend pizza in the morning's light & warm April rain. Had a tasty solo Demon Porch brunch of the aforesaid pizza, coffee, yoghurt, banana, & pineapple-orange juice.
~Signed up for a longer run that's just a month away!
~Found this must-read Post article on DC's demand for coal-power & its effect on West Virgina's mountains.
~Had a 70-point word on Scrabulous.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

~Friday warm & sunny, giggly things--some funny. Tearing up T for long overdue racetrack resurfacing; Brad's cheerful backyard Beer-Inn; refreshing night on the town without getting wasted.

Monday, April 14, 2008

~What's music?
Cauliflower stretching its wings/
Tulips sunbathing in the mulch
days in the city/
sometimes shitty/
sometimes pretty/
rarely dull/
even if dreary/
postcards left today

Sunday, April 13, 2008

It's a (small/small/small) small world, bricks & glass underfoot urge the grit to grow, a hint of a scent--immaturity--takes flight, We Roll with Pete Rock but drop trees less & less, every day uncertain (drink with vigor), fuck up with friends/friends/required friends, fret/obsess when sober, lust for 1 job with an actual income, & have no vision to attain dreams/needs/requirements to live/life/peace (art/art/music/sunshine).

Friday, April 11, 2008

~NYC was sunny & awesome.
Group 1: Odes: a) Kim K. b) "Looking at R. Bonheur" Max H. & Struth.
Group 2: c-g) Shadow/tree/NYC.
Group 3: h-l) Line/Siskind/shadow/beer/butt/blocks.

Monday, April 07, 2008

~Rain in April.
~A kid falls off his tricycle.
~Wants back on, but doesn't like fixing things.
~Breaker, not a fixer--divider, not uniter. Whiner.

~Demon House interviewed prospective new roommates Sunday evening. One we really liked, but she turned us down. Open houses suck. It's Demon House so no one is really going to live here very long. Our landlord, Neurosurgeon Joe, took our rent checks a day or two ago & vanished into thin air--as usual. Mebbe we'll sue, stop paying, or take over the Demon. Fuckers.
~Haven't had the time/inclination/space to be seriously mopey in a while, so I'm taking full advantage of it now that the stars have aligned! Whooo.
~Must spend today readying for a few days of being a NYC Man. Gotta get snacks, jeans, print out reservations, charge more $$$ on my credit cards, transfer $$$ from savings to checking to write the feds a check for the little I've managed to save (mebbe a quarter of what I owe ;), & hope for as many sunny days of tree work as possible later in the month so I may pay my next round of bills....
~In days of lore, when this mood hit I'd break things. Now I'm 30 & little has changed, I just weigh closer to 140-lbs.
~Supposed to run a 10K in 12 days & I haven't run since the marathon.

Sunday, April 06, 2008

~Weekend accomplishments: got drunk; fucked things up; spent $$$.
~An excellent Sunday to mope & be gloomy!
~How about a springtime photo:

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

~ Here's a heartening article in the Post about data mining.
~C'ville, this Washington Glass School opening on Friday shouldn't be missed, even though Lenny's posting mistakenly refers to Migration as "C'ville's leading gallery."

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

~Had a lovely short day at Airlie under the clouds & sun. 75+ degrees.
~Had a delightful solo Saturday night pounding beers at my bars.
~Had a delicious Sunday daytrip through Virginia with Julia to the Vargos' farm in Louisa County, where I saw good friends I hadn't seen in a while, & then we moseyed through the Wilderness Battlefield, where I subjected her to my (super-parenthetical) multiple-tangents-taken, rambling & meandering, purported semi-authoritative discourse on JEB Stuart & John Mosby, along with general Civil War history. Then we wandered Old Town Fredericksburg on foot. Then we drove Rte. 1 back to DC. Then I went to sleep. Then I went to work on Monday. Then it was Tuesday. And then!! I'll stop.