Wednesday, January 30, 2008

~Helped Rafal & Erica move a bed last night.
~Hustled through the dark morning to work with Lyt & Richard. Bounced face-first into a few hickory branches, receiving my first ouch-worthy tree wound.
~In mental flux.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

~While cleaning my room I found an old CD of pix from Alissa. This shot of her, Costinel, & me in front of a portion of my senior thesis was shot on her D70 by Whitney. Don't I look excited?

~Up at 6AM to learn that today's date with the trees was canceled due to rain. Fat Rat in the kitchen trashcan greeted me as I put the coffee on.
~Gotta figure out who at the Corcoran will hook me up, coz after four years of their tuition I just don't feel like paying $20 to see Dave Berman & I really want to see Dave Berman. I may suck it up. (Dave Berman.) (No--really: Dave Berman!)
~Gonna register for the 30th Annual Fodderstack 10K Classic.
~I think I'm gonna get myself a Canon G9 for my birthday present in a few weeks.
~Pix: 1) Jenn & Jeremy, The Yay Team, were featured Thursday as part of Meat Market's Performance Week at 14th & T. 2) Jenn warmed up later with the help of AJ's laser-beam eyes. 3) Obispo & Rafal look tough. 4) AP's sexy shoes.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

~Had a nice cold pair of tree days on an enormous organic farm that recently changed owners & is in dire need of rehabilitation.
~My awesome little sister is heading home to Virginia next week for a couple of weeks before she leaves for a handful of years of vet school in New Zealand. Had a spat the last time we talked before Christmas & I can't wait to see her & straighten stuff out before she goes on her next big adventure!
~So nice to have a girlfriend any time of the year, but particularly when it's cold out & Demon House is frozen. ;) Never had an official girlfriend before, & I must say it really rocks. :) Sooooo darned cute.
~Milena may visit this weekend! Haven't seen her since summer 2006.
~New CDs: Joe Strummer & The Mescaleros' Streetcore, Wilco's Kicking Television, Mogwai's Zidane soundtrack, & George burned me a couple of James "Blood" Ulmer discs. Got Blake Edwards & Peter Sellers' The Party on DVD. What an atrociously bad, & immensely silly 60's film. I wonder how much of my life I've spent watching Sellers' films... days... but still not enough.
~Walked 25+ blocks each way last Thursday evening in the cold & slushy snow to attend my co-worker (& friend! ;) Mary Early's opening reception at Georgetown University's Gallery 101. Talked with Bruce McKaig for half an hour.
~Pictured: the floor of my best friend's bar & a shadow I stalked.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

~I really do believe The Heart Remains A Child, & that I may well be walking towards the person who reminded me of it.
~I really do believe that looking down into a woman's eyes while kissing her is one of the sexiest things around.
~Happy Birthday Mike, may your 30th year be full of goodness (you're such a good kisser too).
~Made cheese biscuits from my sister's recipe for a birthday potluck dinner. They disappeared quickly (hadn't made them in a while).
~My dad's firm finally got a website: Boyle, Bain, Reback & Slayton.
~Good gallery openings Saturday. I got wine tipsy (duh, empty stomach!). The woman down the street to whom I've referred since spring as "my wife" showed up with her roommate & I introduced myself. The lovely Duo Emily came down from Maryland & we got drinks after dinner. Angela made an art pit-stop before running back to her bar. Saw the always charming Mr. Smooth (did I hear he's now a Doctor?! I dunno, but I feel like calling him Dr. Smooth.) & we made plans to drink beers & make out. Or mebbe I made that up... but I did see him! Jenn DePalma nearly blew up. While it would have been cool to see, I was glad it didn't happen, because I'd miss her.
~Saw the John Alexander exhibit at American Art with Julia. I like.
~Check out Phil Nesmiths's ambrotypes of Iraq at Irvine Contemporary. They're pretty neat; using old technology in the modern world frequently has an appeal.
~Worked yesterday with Lyt & Richard at The Inn at Little Washington in the morning. It was cold & windy, snowed heavily for an hour, then we moved to another job & the sun came out, the snow melted, & we disposed of a big old rotten box elder. Was good to work outside again, despite the cold.

Monday, January 07, 2008

~It's good to be back at the gallery after the holidays. Saturday I visited Bill Christenberry for "work," he regaled me with the story of making a hologram at Polaroid's Massachusetts headquarters.
~Been hanging out with my best friend Angela a bunch recently.
~The supremely delightful Julia called around midday & we walked from Adams Morgan to Woodley Park, down through Rock Creek Park to Dupont, & had a lovely & thoroughly enjoyable time on a lovely & thoroughly enjoyable spring-like January day.
~My dad called while we were out meandering to say he wouldn't be stopping by after all on his way home from visiting my aunt in Baltimore. He may catch a train up in the next couple of weeks, possibly with one of my older siblings, to catch the Ansel Adams exhibit before it closes at the Corcoran.
~Was glad to talk with my boy Corey for an hour last night.
~Back at the gallery all week preparing for our Saturday opening.
~Picked up a copy of Rob Sheffield's Love Is A Mix Tape this afternoon after sampling my brother's copy on Christmas Eve.

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

~Starting off 2008 with a handful of pix from the last 6 or 7 weeks. Whoo! Happy New Year e'rybody!
~1: Downtown alley; 2: Gulcin, Audrey, & I made a snowlady; 3: One of Gomi's old Steve Keene paintings; 4: Christmas on 29; 5: Angela bought tickets to Patti Smith but missed the show since her flight was delayed for hours... so I made a detailed photo to share.
~New Year's Eve was all right. Hit Biva & Mary Grace's party with Rafal, Erica, Annika, Tara, & Yacouba after wig-wearing poker at Casa Demon.