Monday, December 01, 2008

~Pittsburgh is a great city. I'm infatuated with river cities.
~Mike is within striking distance of DC, so stock up on your defensive supplies, as The Mike is capable of reaching you at any time--anywhere. Be prepared.
~A fun trip: lots of travel in the Mikemobile at high rates of speed; cheap beer; graffiti artists; roaming traintracks looking for old tags; Pittburgh's South Side; I shot multiple rolls of 120/220 in my Mam7ii for the first time in a couple of years; Mike's farm is cool; we had two delicious Thanksgiving dinners with his friendly & hospitable extended family & their friends; Beehive Coffee Shop; The Mattress Factory; the Liberty Tubes....

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Prica said...

Pittsburgh is nice...I don't know why Mike loves D.C. so much when you have pittsburgh huh