Tuesday, December 30, 2008

~Ate at Haydee's with the good Professor Combs last night before he dropped me at Union Station where I chatted with a self-professed "bullshitter" who, upon hearing my sad story (after asking for a dollar), cleverly turned the tables & offered me one hundred dollars. I refused his kindness (?) & asked him to piss off so I could read my brand new book: Big Boy Rules by Steve Fainaru. He conceded. So I won (because life's a competition). As he left he asked, "Why you so anti-social?" which reminded me of Mr. Corcoran. I replied, "I was born that way," to which he said, "No, you're just hiding from people." Then he sat down, assumed a yoga position & breathed deeply, perhaps circularly, as he became one with the great spirit. It was enthralling, if not enlightening. We then walked into the sunset together, holding hands, laughing & becoming the best of friends.
~This morning has been simply beautiful. It's inspired memories of Italy--via physical jolts to my skin thanks to the temperature, sunlight, & breeze, as well as the fabulous visuals of nearly empty streets as DC remains a ghost town due to the holidays.
~Thinking about more school, this time for something useful--architecture or green design. I dream about building things. Have for years. But I may just run across the ocean to EspaƱa or Italia... coz I need a fix & that place gave me a good one when I was running around on my own.
~So, my two jobs have hit slowdown situations where I barely made enough to survive in the last month (& worrying about it has been waaay too stressful to endure much more). Meaning my "savings" are essentially no more, meaning I may have to pack my boxes & move in a month if I don't make big bucks in January. It's pretty exciting, because it means I have no reason not to do whatever the hell I really want to do. It's also kind of good timing, because it's time for an occupation change, time to get out of the non-productive, non-creative rut in which I've made my home for the last few years. CHANGE! WHOOOOOO! Now, who's gonna give me $100,000 to get me started on my change? [waiting....]

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mike said...

dude, if you weren't so anti-social congress would give you a bailout like they gave me.