Saturday, November 15, 2008

~Spent all day in bed feeling ill. A long week culminated in eleven hours of work on Friday, followed by a visit to my old friend Rafal's bar (where TMC called me to announce he's been laidoff--so his DC peeps need to figure out a way to get him a job in the area), followed by a questionable visit to Saint-Ex with Julia, Emanuel, Laura & Adrian (where I laid open my wallet & induced the need for today's bed rest).
~Today's my daddy's 68th birthday. He's retiring next month.
~Looking forward to next week--the weather's supposed to be closer to seasonal (excepting possible snow showers on Tuesday) & I'll stay close to home kicking my cold & watching movies: the new Bond in theaters (maybe a Tuesday midday matinee), & on DVD: Straight No Chaser & War Dance. All this & FotoWeekDC is kicking it this week.
~Looking forward to my first-ever Pittsburgh visit to hang out with Mr. Corcoran for Thanksgiving.

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Prica said...

hook me up by telling me where this is at so I can do a fashion shoot here por favorrrrrrrrrr