Thursday, November 20, 2008

~Drove through snow showers Wednesday morning on my way to work on trees deep in Rappahannock County. On my way back to DC my clutch began acting like it's shot. So I'm spending today in denial, knowing that it's my only day off until Wednesday, & not wanting to deal with the trouble & cost of dropping the Camry off at the shop to get $800 of work done. Doesn't seem worth the effort. Maybe it's a sign to end my dependence on an outdated mode of transportation. Life would be less expensive without a car: no insurance, no fuel, no repairs, but it would also fuel a job search in the city--which would be pretty damn frightening. The incredible anger & stress I've built up in the last few months from twice-weekly drives out I-66 & back would be taken away--a definite plus! But I'd not have a stress-of-the-city reliever like tree climbing... hmmm. One of those times when it feels like the only sensible thing to do is dream big & act at last on going to Spain, or Buenos Aires.
~Flickitingphlucketingmuthafrluckerismisticosity. & stuff. Shit.

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