Sunday, November 09, 2008

~Done bin bizzay since my last post. Let's see... I attended my friend's beautiful wedding in the gorgeous autumnal Poconos landscape, helped elect Obama, installed the cool new photography show at Hemphill (Kendall Messick & Hiroshi Sugimoto), watched movies (good & bad), climbed trees, drank beer, read a little, checked out the groovy new Hamiltonian Gallery space, lusted after a quick December trip to Spain, & decided against acquiring a DSLR off of eBay just yet (still owe most of my '07 Fed. taxes + my late quarterly '08 estimated taxes... so I'm continuing to pay off my credit cards & beginning to get my Fed-paying ducks in a row).

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mike said...

fuk taxes they use them for war and bailouts fuk taxes