Tuesday, October 07, 2008

~Watched the "townhall," aka drank Stella. Actually hit a few places before I went home around 11PM. Dined at The Diner. Watched TV at Ulah. Nightcap at Solly's. Gorgeous day. T-shirts arrived in the mail. Picked up contacts mid-afternoon. Watched the crappy Coen Bros. flick Burn After Reading in Chinatown. Felt lonely but good. Listened to lots of music. Did a lot of nothing--my usual daily routine. Whether work or life--it's all nothing anymore. I used to read, learn, chase stuff down... now it's just look at crap & refresh, refresh, refresh. But I don't write to anyone, so why's anyone going to write to me?! :) Chatted momentarily with Milena in Chicago. Ahh, I'm in a nice little hiccup depression. They happen! When one won't deal with one's problems, they tend to accumulate & cause more problems. Certainly been happening for the last week or so, just to start. My entire life is fodder for writing a book on how not to deal with problems in a positive/healthy manner & I'm always "at the point" where I just don't give a shit... so what else is new? ;) Ach. Nuthin. Just mopey. Drinking too much--coz that's how I "handle" shit anymore... be a passive-aggressive, manic-depressive alcoholic & guzzle down beer... which aids my poor decision making processes. Yup. Damn it was a gorgeous day! Going to Baltimore in a couple of weekends to hang with my B'more buddies. Looking forward to it! Going to see what should be a kickass historical photo show maybe this weekend with A-dawg, my favorite married Photo classmate schoolteacher! Whooo? Going to a Halloween wedding, stag, any hot ladies want to be my date? ;) Kidding... Wendy said she must approve, so my ex-girlfriend bailed... hmm... maybe that wasn't the reason... whatever... knew I should've waited a little bit to RSVP... it didn't feel like a final decision. NOW a final decision has been made. Argh. My friends, the "debates" of the last couple of weeks sure have been silly, ya know?

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