Wednesday, October 15, 2008

~Continuing with the flawless & exquisite RAZR pix.
~First thing this morning Lyt & I scampered 70' up a linden tree to look at some big broken limbs in the tippytop. That broke me for the rest of the day.
~Strange 66 traffic this week... must've been the Monday holiday.
~I like Rosie.
~Fall is about to sneak up & hit us over the head.
~One more effing debate to go.
~Trying to figure out how to schedule a fall trip to Maine. It's hard because I work in two industries that cannot be called recession-proof so I must make money while I can. But I'm such a huge fan of leaf peeping (yawn) that it would be a travesty to not at least make it up there to drink a beer & go hiking with my ol' buddy ThoMicCor.
~Got a 19-lb. pumpkin on my way back to DC this afternoon. Whoo.
~One more... just for the old days... WHOOOOO!


Prica said...

new face and title for this blog is great!
too bad I'm not in your list of fav blogs....
BooOooOOoOOoO to you Buddy ol Pal!!


i still dig your camera photos though

mike said...

Why don't you make that picture facing itself, like two hooded people facing each other. like flip the photo and put it next to it, b/c then the header would be more of a rectangle and less of a square, easier to see part of the first post.

ARB said...

thanks. how's this?

mike said...

fukin sweet dude

mike said...

it's awesome, like you talkin to urself