Saturday, September 13, 2008

~Tonight is the official night of gallery openings on 14th St.
~My friends The YAY Team have a performance piece scheduled for 8:21PM in the parking lot next to the 1515 ARTS BLDG. Corey & I hung out with Jenn trying to beat the heat this afternoon, but it didn't work. May even bring evening thunderstorms!
~Corey & I also hit the Corcoran to check out the Avedon exhibit after brunching with Julia at The Diner.
~My boy Rafal is under the weather--aren't we all?--or more specifically: sick, so I'm hoping he gets back up to speed soon so we can guzzle sushi & Sapporo.
~This weekend's as hot & muggy as it's been in nearly a month! Yum!
~Pix: WAC installed; 14th & T; WAC poster in Jantzen printer.

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mike said...

please post picture of performance