Tuesday, September 09, 2008

~Friday evening I attended the Carrol Square Gallery opening for Lucian Perkins' super-poppy color photographs of tourists around the National Mall in 1987. Perhaps because it's photography, perhaps because it's good photography, & of amusing subjects seen well--whatever the reason, I highly recommend this exhibit of Perkins' work. I got a touch tipsy on a few glasses of wine, talked with a few people (art & L'Enfant acquaintances) once I got tipsy, ogled the many hot ladies, sampled a few of the superb chocolates from Co Co. Sala & bounced next door to Reyes+Davis with George & Lenore to finally check out that space. Finally left in the misty rain & hoofed it to Rafal's bar.
~Had a very nice weekend, except that I picked up a cold somewhere along the line & it caused me to have a sore throat & snot explosions from my nose today.
~Hope to end my old housing debacle next week via talks with the landlord.
~Monday left me exhausted: got up at 6:30am, left at 7 to climb a giant beech tree at 8:30, descended for lunch, then back up the beast, hit ground again after 3:30, left the Maestro's estate around 4:15, hit rush-hour traffic on 29 & 66, arrived home at 6pm, had leftover pasta, walked to fetch 2 beers & a crepe around 9:30, felt my cold punch me hard on my walk home as I flashed Joe gang signs, crashed into bed & had terrible sleep.
~Tomorrow I plan to climb more trees. Then return home. Then shit, shower, shave, before continuing with my plans for the evening. Dinner, maybe a beer (or 2?), then on to The Black Cat to see the Silver Jews & maybe make my brother a tiny bit envious. ;)
~Had a pretty good August, financially speaking. Lest the Bentley raise eyebrows--it's a lease.
~Am looking forward with bated & baited breath for our first female vice president! Whoohooo! WTF's wrong with people. I'll get involved in local politics if it means I have a shot at being picked to run for vp when I'm old enough.
~Saturday night kicks off the fall season of openings for the galleries around 14th & P. Good stuff: Bill Christenberry at Hemphill, Teo Gonzalez at Irvine Contemporary, a selection of works from Adamson Editions at Adamson Gallery, works on paper by Kate McGraw & Ann Tarantino at Curator's Office.... Check stuff out, it's not always happening on Saturday night! Transformer Gallery hosts their half of a two-night opening Friday before the Saturday night portion occurs at the Mexican Cultural Institute, located at 2829 16th St. Art is in the air, so catch it. Whooo.

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