Wednesday, September 10, 2008

~Cops raced past me, pedal to the metal, when I was about 5 blocks from home this afternoon shortly after 3:30. When I turned down my street I saw that there were about 10 police vehicles on my block with lights swirling. As I maneuvered around them, I saw that they were wandering around with their pistols drawn. After I turned into the alley to park I saw a couple of cops glancing around our parking area, then looking around our neighbors' alley-backs too. I went inside without bothering them, figuring they'd tell me to shut up & go inside anyway. Soon after they strung up yellow crime scene tape & shut down my half block as well as the block across 11th. I asked one of the officers what had happened & he said that the car parked directly across the street from my front door had just had its back window shot out. I'm not a porch-sitter at this place, I tend to come home just to get ready to go elsewhere--it's not home like my old place was--so I didn't know whose car it was. Odds are if this had happened at the old place I would've known whose car, & where they lived... knowledge like that comes from staying in a place for a good length of time. Anyway. My neighborhood kind of sucks. I miss my old home. Boohoo.
~On a happier note... I'm getting ready to go see the Silver Jews! Whooo!

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