Sunday, July 20, 2008

~More July pix!
~Had to go support my grrrl Preeeks at her opening!!!
~Hung out with Ben Ferry a couple times recently & it's been fun.
~Began patching up a couple of old friendships that I'd tried to deep-six (coz I have a great ability to be an asshole!).
~Gonna snag my gf at the airport tonight!!!
~My lovely lil' sister has bravely decided to charge ahead in the hemisphere she calls home, leaving me more time to save money to visit her there!
~I want to visit Mike (before he's successful in re-joining the Marines) in Maine, but really don't know if I can afford to--even via a cheap flight or bus.
~Looking forward to my buddy Milena visiting DC next weekend!
~Replaced my fone!!! Got internet!!! Awesome home!!! Whooo!!!

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Priscilla de Lima - Ledesma said...

my homeboy forealzzzzz....always!
love the gate photo...patterns, shade, light, structure...oh my!!