Sunday, July 20, 2008

~At last a July update! I've been working a bit recently & finally got internet here at the new home last night.

~In recent years, every summer there has been a day or series of days that winds up defining that time of year for me. I’m fairly certain that the three days I spent in Rappahannock County with Lyt last week are the defining days of this summer. At least for that area of life... not all of it!

~Reading & relaxing in the Hazel River after work, eating food fresh from the garden, the river shushing me as the moon climbs over the trees to keep watch as I sleep, riding around the countryside in Lyt’s truck to prune trees, noticing the turn of day to night & night to day, watching hawks, bluebirds & dead worm-eating warblers, being a guest under the watchful mountains that open up during the day as their Blue Ridge haze expansively wanders down into the flatter land, the skies so high, cloudy & cloudless.... It’s peaceful down there, & so familiar as to make me want to run back to the city where it’s easy to hide among the masses & not be drawn out into being creative, friendly, alive, & I wonder if my core being dies a little death every time I run back to the hubbub.

~It adds to my questions about continuity, the context of individuals in local history, familiarity breeding contempt, learning curves, science versus art, the moral requirements of a person who doesn’t do all that he can, who doesn’t live fully, not to the potential or desire of that person’s core.

~I’ve been traveling through Rappahannock for a handful of years now on a very informal & infrequent but still regular basis. The history I have assimilated or accumulated has begun to affect me, & it’s intriguing, because DC is doing the same thing to me after six years, but it’s happening differently due to the different landscape. (an incomplete thought)

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