Monday, July 28, 2008

~Look for this to come up again... because DC will become a photography hotspot in November as FotoWeekDC kicks into gear.
~Hoping to sport a new digi by then since my old S3 seems to be on its last legs.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

~Made $$$ this AM doing a freelance art installation.
~My Bulgarian pal Milena visited DC from Chicago this weekend :)
~Sad: Taylor left DC to go back to Hahvud Law via a beach trip :(

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

~Walked home in the morning heat, enjoying the early humidity while drinking yet another fattening mocha frappuccino. Talked to health insurance people, renter's insurance people, left a message about trying to get our last pile of stuff out of the Demon, heard good job news from Mike, had a late Raku lunch with Rafal, showed him my new crib, got a phat teeshirt in the mail from New Zealand, got a free desk chair from Julia, drank wine at her friend's apartment, had an adventure cooking out by the Potomac/in Chris's apartment, got home late & am tired. Another full day is scheduled for Wednesday.
~The orange & blue crane pic is for Prica.

Monday, July 21, 2008

~Lyt & I spent all day in this giant willow oak. Gorgeous!

Sunday, July 20, 2008

~Had a Farewell-to-Steph/Happy-Birthday-to-Taylor/Housewarming party last night. Met some neighborhood people... & a Lovely assortment of my friends came to inspect the new digs. Whole lotta fun! Antono (despite being away in Cali) loaned his phat stereo so that the party wouldn't be doomed from the get-go.

~More July pix!
~Had to go support my grrrl Preeeks at her opening!!!
~Hung out with Ben Ferry a couple times recently & it's been fun.
~Began patching up a couple of old friendships that I'd tried to deep-six (coz I have a great ability to be an asshole!).
~Gonna snag my gf at the airport tonight!!!
~My lovely lil' sister has bravely decided to charge ahead in the hemisphere she calls home, leaving me more time to save money to visit her there!
~I want to visit Mike (before he's successful in re-joining the Marines) in Maine, but really don't know if I can afford to--even via a cheap flight or bus.
~Looking forward to my buddy Milena visiting DC next weekend!
~Replaced my fone!!! Got internet!!! Awesome home!!! Whooo!!!

~At last a July update! I've been working a bit recently & finally got internet here at the new home last night.

~In recent years, every summer there has been a day or series of days that winds up defining that time of year for me. I’m fairly certain that the three days I spent in Rappahannock County with Lyt last week are the defining days of this summer. At least for that area of life... not all of it!

~Reading & relaxing in the Hazel River after work, eating food fresh from the garden, the river shushing me as the moon climbs over the trees to keep watch as I sleep, riding around the countryside in Lyt’s truck to prune trees, noticing the turn of day to night & night to day, watching hawks, bluebirds & dead worm-eating warblers, being a guest under the watchful mountains that open up during the day as their Blue Ridge haze expansively wanders down into the flatter land, the skies so high, cloudy & cloudless.... It’s peaceful down there, & so familiar as to make me want to run back to the city where it’s easy to hide among the masses & not be drawn out into being creative, friendly, alive, & I wonder if my core being dies a little death every time I run back to the hubbub.

~It adds to my questions about continuity, the context of individuals in local history, familiarity breeding contempt, learning curves, science versus art, the moral requirements of a person who doesn’t do all that he can, who doesn’t live fully, not to the potential or desire of that person’s core.

~I’ve been traveling through Rappahannock for a handful of years now on a very informal & infrequent but still regular basis. The history I have assimilated or accumulated has begun to affect me, & it’s intriguing, because DC is doing the same thing to me after six years, but it’s happening differently due to the different landscape. (an incomplete thought)

Monday, July 07, 2008

~Everybody: My phone's broken, so email me instead of calling.
~Margaret: We all LOVE YOU. Be positive.
~Views from my new room: North; East; South.

Friday, July 04, 2008