Tuesday, June 03, 2008

~This is what I'm forced to post when the parents are uncooperative & unwilling, or perhaps it's just that they're not photogenic? ;) Or is the photographer bad?
~Jada knows how to pose! She wouldn't smile, coz she missed Margaret.
~Luv me some orange earth movers!
~Gainesville this morning.
~Hemphill's Jacob Kainen 1939-1949 and Max Hirshfeld Looking at Looking opens Thursday at 6:30pm. This show moves automatically into my top handful from the last two years.


mike said...

a guy from the express called me today asking questions about demon house. hilarious.

i told him to look at our facebook page and gave him your number.


mike said...

oh, wait. I mean the examiner.

Dietsch said...

Hey dude. I heard your house fell on top of you. You ok?

I got a spare room if you need a place to crash.