Monday, June 16, 2008

~Spent today as a cliche: homeless, destitute, unshaven artist wandering alone through the National Gallery wondering where I'll spend the nights until (if) we get a house.
~We put in an application for one at the opposite end of the spectrum from Demon House. Means I'll have to work to pay rent. Almost be double the dollars per person, with one fewer person. Send good thoughts our way.
~Cruised out to Manassas to spend last night in a motel. Absolutely fucking miserable right now. Too much shit going on. Can't wait to have a house and room of my own again.


Priscilla de Lima - Ledesma said...

dawg, my nig!!!
I didn't know about all this. You can stay with us here in silver sring ( it's metro accs) or you can stay in my previous house in ft washington off of indian head highway (about 20 mins from downtown dc) until the end of the month.
call me!!!
I wanna help!

mike said...

Priscilla, that is very nice of you to offer Bain help. Let it be known that I also offered help.
Bain, my couch is yours.

p.s. Good thoughts your way.
Man. some awesome shit is going to happen to you. (You're going to grow an extra face on your neck.)

&rew said...

Prica, you rule.

Mike, you know you rule, so there's no point in telling you so.

I miss and appreciate both of you.

(I'm always afraid of losing face... excited to learn I'll be gaining face instead!)

wendy said...

You are always welcome at the dewy, rolling hills of Lorton estate, that is our pad. Give me a call.