Friday, May 23, 2008

~My blog today completed its 2nd year.
~Moping: gf's outta town for a handful of days; I lack $$$$$ to pay bills coming in the next couple of weeks, my brother Rafal's finally leaving Demon House; I want a new friendly bar to hang out at now & then (subtracted a strange friendship & stopped attending what used to be my neighborhood haunt 6 weeks ago); need a new co-primary job that'll cooperate with my tough-to-schedule-other-jobs-around gallery job & that produces an income that allows me to pay off my skyrocketing credit card debt & get my savings back on track; my other Demon House pal is in Cameroon for the summer.
~Reasons not to mope: Gotta girlfriend! Have a job! Had 2 awesome years getting into trouble with brother Rafal! Many other bars in the neighborhood, & I'll be on the move before too long & have to find new hangouts then anyway! Many great jobs await me, just biding their time until I call, bump into, or stumble upon them. Credit cards suck, I don't see an upside/counter-punch. New faces & new energy in the Demon!? I'm invited to a good buddy's Sunday afternoon BBQ in Alexandria! A good buddy & former housemate may hang out this weekend! Gotta DC Temp Resident parking permit, so I conceded my driveway to the city's parking ticket punks & their best efforts in taxing my out-of-state car. Finally kicked into a higher bad-ass running gear yesterday & sprinted down the RC trail!

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mike said...

i can't read this. there's no pictures.