Wednesday, April 30, 2008

~Monday & Tuesday saw the Demon Kitchen undergo an intensive facelift. Midday Monday Rafal urged me to join him in search of the source of a certain odor, which led to a vigorous exercise in kitchen cleaning. Which led to a plan to paint the kitchen to hide the 20-some years of dust & grease. Which led to a plan to scrub years of grime off the floor. On four hours of sleep we made an early Tuesday run for painting supplies & spent a couple of hours prepping--cobweb removal, holes spackled, windows & trim masked--before priming began midmorning. Antono bought us lunch before leaving to study. Refueled & happy the final painting began, with Audrey now on board after returning from school. Time flew like the paint & we were quickly done. After cleaning up, we attacked the floor. Exhausted but with lots yet to get done we refurnished the kitchen. Hit the grocery for dinner supplies, Rafal cooked, I lazed around, gorgeous girlfriends arrived, candles were lit, lights went low, wine supplies were heavily depleted... 'twas a very rewarding couple of days.


mike said...

what demon team work, but you can't polish a demon

cpwebb25 said...

did you find Jimmy Hoffa in between those walls?

Priscilla de Lima - Ledesma said... guys are cute!
paint rocks hard!