Wednesday, April 23, 2008

~Just touched a tendon in my wrist while pruning on Earth Day... oops... an instant spurt of gushing blood was followed by elevating my arm & applying pressure, but my arm was covered in blood. Now my wrist is swollen & a tiny bit stiff but the wound looks healthy... I've hit my knee a few times in the past, but that never made an exciting fountain of blood. I love my Silky but the risk that comes with using sharp tools is creating wounds that spurt blood! Yummy!
~Ran the Mall with Rafal today under the invigorating midday sun. Ran the muddy & puddly Rock Creek trails in the rain Monday evening... 'twas awesome.
~Beach dreams... need to go.
~Have been kicking in my dreams recently... it's exciting when one's body follows dream commands... also dangerous! I nearly broke my big toe a couple months ago while kicking someone--only I'd kicked the wall when I woke in pain; last night I kneed my girlfriend. Woops!!!