Monday, April 07, 2008

~Demon House interviewed prospective new roommates Sunday evening. One we really liked, but she turned us down. Open houses suck. It's Demon House so no one is really going to live here very long. Our landlord, Neurosurgeon Joe, took our rent checks a day or two ago & vanished into thin air--as usual. Mebbe we'll sue, stop paying, or take over the Demon. Fuckers.
~Haven't had the time/inclination/space to be seriously mopey in a while, so I'm taking full advantage of it now that the stars have aligned! Whooo.
~Must spend today readying for a few days of being a NYC Man. Gotta get snacks, jeans, print out reservations, charge more $$$ on my credit cards, transfer $$$ from savings to checking to write the feds a check for the little I've managed to save (mebbe a quarter of what I owe ;), & hope for as many sunny days of tree work as possible later in the month so I may pay my next round of bills....
~In days of lore, when this mood hit I'd break things. Now I'm 30 & little has changed, I just weigh closer to 140-lbs.
~Supposed to run a 10K in 12 days & I haven't run since the marathon.


Dave said...

call me when you're up here? we can get hit by cars together.

mike said...

What's money?