Monday, April 28, 2008

~Couple of pix from earlier this month. Today is cool & dreary. Doesn't make me wanna run--but mebbe I'll go splashing through Rock Creek's mud later. Need to work!!! Damn. Will be broke after I pay my next bill & then the vicious cycle hits with a vengeance with a bunch due in a short period... may finally be the time to find a real job & a stable living environment. Mebbe finally get my ISA certification, find a city arborist job that allows me to get rid of my car & make big $$$$$, or look to the Smithsonian arena for a f/t arts job, or go back to school for green design/architecture/stuff that intrigues me. Yep, after lots of yelping in the past, now may be the time for action. Have a girlfriend I wanna keep forever... so I must return to motion so I may create capital for life.


mike said...

is that what the outside world looks like nowadays?

cpwebb25 said...

I hate it when restrooms are out of order!