Sunday, March 02, 2008

~I was a rockstar the last three nights. Critics & fans alike gave my recent performances rave reviews. Gotta be the haircut.
~Saturday I saw EB's distinctive automobile... texted her, she & Dan came by to say hi. I heart EB! Congratulations on Boulder!
~Was bummed not to see Prica last night... began drinking early & forgot to go home from my various comfortable (no dress-code) U St haunts to change shoes before cabbing with my girlfriend down to 14th & K after she got off work only to be turned away... woops... was on the verge of silly drunk so it was prolly for the best anyway. Hit Kramer's for late dessert.
~I had a few mimosas this morning after sharing a couple of bites of a yummy strawberry-cheese turnover from Dupont Market.
~Was gonna hang with Wendy, but she twisted her knee on a shoot.
~WIREC is happening this week at the DC Convention Center. My bebe is working 15-hour days coordinating speakers.
~Busy days ahead! Lots of art to fondle. Oooweee!
~Pic: look closely, you may see the cavity where my brain used to be.

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mike said...

I take all my pictures up my nose, easier to control the light.