Friday, March 07, 2008

~Rolled out Rhode Island Ave for work supplies Thursday.
~The Carroll Square gallery opening had amazing chocolate! Drank Perrier for a while & was bored. Julia arrived & I bragged a little bit as we wandered around, then she & Martin's co-worker Helen talked for a while. I struggled to listen. That building's noisy when empty, add a crowd & it's loud!
~Hustled over to the Corcoran just in time to miss the opening, so we hung out with Hatnim, Dave & Rose, & Paige.
~Now it's raining & chilly! Whooo!


Hatnim Lee said...

so good to see you.
i look like im balding.
you and your gf make an adorable couple.

mike said...

bad pic of hatnim
good pic of dave & rose