Tuesday, March 25, 2008

~Have a few days off to begin the week. Prolly gonna run this afternoon. Haven't run since the marathon at the end of October!
~I'm addicted to the Knighthood game on Facebook. Dork.
~Going to NYC in two weeks for AIPAD with HFA.
~Our current show is cool: Franz Jantzen's photographic creations are like human waist-level satellite images of Earth, but are mostly of interiors. Oh, just check them out! Martin Kotler's paintings of construction around the Nationals' new ballpark delight me. The colorful details of workers' suspenders & helmets just pop off the canvas. You can see more of Martin's work at the baseball show, American Pastime, at the Carroll Square Gallery at 975 F St.
~Check this silly video Audrey showed me.
~17th St grate.

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