Tuesday, March 25, 2008

~Have a few days off to begin the week. Prolly gonna run this afternoon. Haven't run since the marathon at the end of October!
~I'm addicted to the Knighthood game on Facebook. Dork.
~Going to NYC in two weeks for AIPAD with HFA.
~Our current show is cool: Franz Jantzen's photographic creations are like human waist-level satellite images of Earth, but are mostly of interiors. Oh, just check them out! Martin Kotler's paintings of construction around the Nationals' new ballpark delight me. The colorful details of workers' suspenders & helmets just pop off the canvas. You can see more of Martin's work at the baseball show, American Pastime, at the Carroll Square Gallery at 975 F St.
~Check this silly video Audrey showed me.
~17th St grate.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

~16th; Hatnim at her Transformer opening; champagne; Decatur St.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

~So damn glad to work outside again!
~Hit C'ville, the CPA threw a wrench in my plans to save $$$$, says I owe the tax-man a few bundles. Least I got the Camry's oil changed, thousands of miles late. First time I can recall being so negligent with the dear old Camry. Got it in June '98 with 155K highway miles on it, the odometer now shows 276+K.
~Almost finished my awesome birthday book from Julia, Barbara Kingsolver's Prodigal Summer. Knowing they were premature, I successfully resisted past efforts to get me to read her books--now I'm ready for more.

Monday, March 17, 2008

~Cool show. Band was phucking hot. Have always loved go-go bass.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

~Saturday was gorgeous. Almost went on a daytrip, but instead we wandered on cloven hooves around our fair capital city. Sunburn!
~Was supposed to go to Dr. Smooth's going-away party in SE, but it proved too far a trek after a day in the sun.
~Caught up with Mr. Ferry at Stetson's, where we watched Pitt beat Georgetown.
~Today we got coffee & goodies from Tryst midday & ate in the sun with pigeons on the corner of 18th & Columbia.
~Gonna see Wale tonight with Joe!

Friday, March 14, 2008

~A delightful day to be outside, as well as a rare Friday free from work! Hit 9:30 to buy tix & made a few pix on my journey to & fro.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

~Early to bed last night, tossed, turned, sweat, froze, had a morning fever of 101+, showered, hopped back in bed, let work know I was staying home, & watched my fever soar throughout the day to a 5:15pm high of 103.1. It seems to be on its way back down again, in part thanks to a nice bag of goodies from Julia. I hate being that feverish. After scarfing a box of Saltines, downing some Gatorade, & sweating some more, I feel inestimably better than an hour ago.

Monday, March 10, 2008

~Had a good birthday weekend. Didn't get wasted, but caught a cold. Must be part of getting old! Saw In Bruges, had Thai for dinner, got a bit grumpy (part of being old? nah, just part of being me!), stared at my ceiling for a few hours, went out & had some beers with my peeps, & ran into more good people I hadn't seen in months.
~Brunched Sunday, talked with my NYC buddy, walked downtown to see the very cool British paper negative exhibit at the NGA.
~Feeling grody to the max... achy, sore, congested & sneezy.

Friday, March 07, 2008

~Rolled out Rhode Island Ave for work supplies Thursday.
~The Carroll Square gallery opening had amazing chocolate! Drank Perrier for a while & was bored. Julia arrived & I bragged a little bit as we wandered around, then she & Martin's co-worker Helen talked for a while. I struggled to listen. That building's noisy when empty, add a crowd & it's loud!
~Hustled over to the Corcoran just in time to miss the opening, so we hung out with Hatnim, Dave & Rose, & Paige.
~Now it's raining & chilly! Whooo!

Thursday, March 06, 2008

~From 6-8PM tonight Great American Pastime opens at Carroll Square Gallery, located at 975 F St NW. Jessica & I installed it on Monday.
~Also tonight, my pseudo arch-nemesis, Natalie Cheung, has her Fine Art Photo thesis opening at the Corcoran from 6-8PM.
~Next Saturday the 15th Hemphill opens its next show featuring Franz Jantzen & Martin Kotler.
~Friday begins my three-day birthday weekend! Supposed to be rainy & cooler! No outdoor brunches I guess. Rain is good.
~Met Julia at WIREC for a packed reception last night. Way too many people for my comfort--but it was fun anyway! The Trade Fair looked interesting--too bad I have to work today.

Sunday, March 02, 2008

~I was a rockstar the last three nights. Critics & fans alike gave my recent performances rave reviews. Gotta be the haircut.
~Saturday I saw EB's distinctive automobile... texted her, she & Dan came by to say hi. I heart EB! Congratulations on Boulder!
~Was bummed not to see Prica last night... began drinking early & forgot to go home from my various comfortable (no dress-code) U St haunts to change shoes before cabbing with my girlfriend down to 14th & K after she got off work only to be turned away... woops... was on the verge of silly drunk so it was prolly for the best anyway. Hit Kramer's for late dessert.
~I had a few mimosas this morning after sharing a couple of bites of a yummy strawberry-cheese turnover from Dupont Market.
~Was gonna hang with Wendy, but she twisted her knee on a shoot.
~WIREC is happening this week at the DC Convention Center. My bebe is working 15-hour days coordinating speakers.
~Busy days ahead! Lots of art to fondle. Oooweee!
~Pic: look closely, you may see the cavity where my brain used to be.