Wednesday, February 13, 2008

~Today's Guardian has an interesting article on this collection in Orkney. I wanna go.
~After a long hiatus I've returned to that seething cauldron of nefarious no-good--Facebook.
~Bill Christenberry has an opening this Saturday from 6-9PM at the American University Museum at the Katzen Arts Center.
~Also this Saturday evening: my friend Behn Farahpour's photos from a recent month-long South American trip will be included in Touchstone Gallery's Slideluck Potshow.
~It was slick out last night! Nearly busted my non-existent butt a couple of times on the way to dinner at my girlfriend's house.
~Going to work at the gallery for a couple of hours this afternoon! Yay!!! Boredom be gone! May work brunch with Raf on Monday. Back to work with Lyt next week!
~I really need a new home & a free studio space to set up a bookmaking table. Cannot work & live in one room--truly doesn't work. Be careful what you wish for?! I know. Change is scary sometimes, but always essential. It's the people who think that the world is routine who scare me most. Every day is new--bringing fresh chances to step out of the familiar ruts we fondly, passive-aggressively, call home. Inertia relies on fear to keep opportunities at bay. Motion creates motion. Energy is good & fuels itself. Pauses are allowed once motion has begun, but the nature of it is such that one will want to keep moving once underway.
~Recently played: DAS EFX, Pavement's Brighten The Corners (I love Starlings of the Slipstream) & Wowee Zowee, Silver Jews' Bright Flight, Tom Petty, Erik B & Rakim, Herbie Hancock's Grammy winner River, Stan Getz, They Might Be Giants, + a few other randoms.

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