Tuesday, January 29, 2008

~Up at 6AM to learn that today's date with the trees was canceled due to rain. Fat Rat in the kitchen trashcan greeted me as I put the coffee on.
~Gotta figure out who at the Corcoran will hook me up, coz after four years of their tuition I just don't feel like paying $20 to see Dave Berman & I really want to see Dave Berman. I may suck it up. (Dave Berman.) (No--really: Dave Berman!)
~Gonna register for the 30th Annual Fodderstack 10K Classic.
~I think I'm gonna get myself a Canon G9 for my birthday present in a few weeks.
~Pix: 1) Jenn & Jeremy, The Yay Team, were featured Thursday as part of Meat Market's Performance Week at 14th & T. 2) Jenn warmed up later with the help of AJ's laser-beam eyes. 3) Obispo & Rafal look tough. 4) AP's sexy shoes.


mike said...

Like seeing these pics, even though i disapprove of the subjects. Terrible.

Get me a G9 too buddy.

j-dizzle said...

awesome !