Monday, January 07, 2008

~It's good to be back at the gallery after the holidays. Saturday I visited Bill Christenberry for "work," he regaled me with the story of making a hologram at Polaroid's Massachusetts headquarters.
~Been hanging out with my best friend Angela a bunch recently.
~The supremely delightful Julia called around midday & we walked from Adams Morgan to Woodley Park, down through Rock Creek Park to Dupont, & had a lovely & thoroughly enjoyable time on a lovely & thoroughly enjoyable spring-like January day.
~My dad called while we were out meandering to say he wouldn't be stopping by after all on his way home from visiting my aunt in Baltimore. He may catch a train up in the next couple of weeks, possibly with one of my older siblings, to catch the Ansel Adams exhibit before it closes at the Corcoran.
~Was glad to talk with my boy Corey for an hour last night.
~Back at the gallery all week preparing for our Saturday opening.
~Picked up a copy of Rob Sheffield's Love Is A Mix Tape this afternoon after sampling my brother's copy on Christmas Eve.

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