Wednesday, January 16, 2008

~I really do believe The Heart Remains A Child, & that I may well be walking towards the person who reminded me of it.
~I really do believe that looking down into a woman's eyes while kissing her is one of the sexiest things around.
~Happy Birthday Mike, may your 30th year be full of goodness (you're such a good kisser too).
~Made cheese biscuits from my sister's recipe for a birthday potluck dinner. They disappeared quickly (hadn't made them in a while).
~My dad's firm finally got a website: Boyle, Bain, Reback & Slayton.
~Good gallery openings Saturday. I got wine tipsy (duh, empty stomach!). The woman down the street to whom I've referred since spring as "my wife" showed up with her roommate & I introduced myself. The lovely Duo Emily came down from Maryland & we got drinks after dinner. Angela made an art pit-stop before running back to her bar. Saw the always charming Mr. Smooth (did I hear he's now a Doctor?! I dunno, but I feel like calling him Dr. Smooth.) & we made plans to drink beers & make out. Or mebbe I made that up... but I did see him! Jenn DePalma nearly blew up. While it would have been cool to see, I was glad it didn't happen, because I'd miss her.
~Saw the John Alexander exhibit at American Art with Julia. I like.
~Check out Phil Nesmiths's ambrotypes of Iraq at Irvine Contemporary. They're pretty neat; using old technology in the modern world frequently has an appeal.
~Worked yesterday with Lyt & Richard at The Inn at Little Washington in the morning. It was cold & windy, snowed heavily for an hour, then we moved to another job & the sun came out, the snow melted, & we disposed of a big old rotten box elder. Was good to work outside again, despite the cold.


mike said...

It was awesome, my birthday.

Got drunk and threw up in the bathtub again ... just like every B-Day since my 7th!

Dave said...

give me your cheese biscuit recipie. the we can drink and make out.