Thursday, January 24, 2008

~Had a nice cold pair of tree days on an enormous organic farm that recently changed owners & is in dire need of rehabilitation.
~My awesome little sister is heading home to Virginia next week for a couple of weeks before she leaves for a handful of years of vet school in New Zealand. Had a spat the last time we talked before Christmas & I can't wait to see her & straighten stuff out before she goes on her next big adventure!
~So nice to have a girlfriend any time of the year, but particularly when it's cold out & Demon House is frozen. ;) Never had an official girlfriend before, & I must say it really rocks. :) Sooooo darned cute.
~Milena may visit this weekend! Haven't seen her since summer 2006.
~New CDs: Joe Strummer & The Mescaleros' Streetcore, Wilco's Kicking Television, Mogwai's Zidane soundtrack, & George burned me a couple of James "Blood" Ulmer discs. Got Blake Edwards & Peter Sellers' The Party on DVD. What an atrociously bad, & immensely silly 60's film. I wonder how much of my life I've spent watching Sellers' films... days... but still not enough.
~Walked 25+ blocks each way last Thursday evening in the cold & slushy snow to attend my co-worker (& friend! ;) Mary Early's opening reception at Georgetown University's Gallery 101. Talked with Bruce McKaig for half an hour.
~Pictured: the floor of my best friend's bar & a shadow I stalked.


mike said...

Nice ladder, did you get a G9 yet?

&rew said...

nah, i haven't acquired anything new in ages.

but the g9 seems to kick ass doesn't it?!

maybe it'll be a birthday present to myself.

cpwebb25 said...

Say hi to M for me. Sorry I didn't get a chance to see you in DC last week. Was in the studio for about 10 hours a day.