Sunday, April 29, 2007

4/29: A sad day for me as our favorite buddy (and world traveler extraordinaire) ALAX moved out of Demon House. My day is coming. Just have to find the right place for the right price, with (or without) the right roommate(s). Been here 20 months.

Wandered around the city a couple of times on foot under the crazy high skies; got an awesome pastrami sandwich on Columbia Road, later walked up Connecticut Ave to Cleveland Park and back home. Read a giant-sized portion of Kazuo Ishiguro's Never Let Me Go on the front porch in the sunshine. Drank coffee on the real porch for nearly five hours while listening to Peter Gabriel, The Jayhawks, Crowded House, and others. Popped awake at 7:45am after passing out Dee-Runk somewhere around 2/2:30am last night after I got wasted on the porch in an hour by myself (didn't eat a whole lot last week, wasn't really hungry, which means that tonight's burger is just the start of an enormous intake of food this week) and had a blast ogling all the hotties walking by as I played Kaddisfly, Daft Punk, Los Amigos Invisibles, The Streets, and The Twilight Singers. Rafal called to say we were going to Black Cat, so when he, Max, and Josh arrived we strutted over, met up with Meg, attracted ogles and leers of our own from hot blondes and brunettes, and proceeded to drink more, eventually hitting the dance party, where a plethora of young and fit (but not cute, attractive, or even hot) girls were dancing up a storm. (When did BC'ers start wearing suits and looking super yuppie?)

Saturday at the gallery went by really quickly and was fun. Friday night was a blast at Raf's bar as I hung out nursing beers for six or seven hours until cool people came in late. It monsooned at some point and the party was on: shots of GM, hugs, and funny foreign words. Then someone's car wouldn't start and I wound up loaning my car to a (sober) driver whose beloved Audi has recently died through no fault of his own and, again, I subsequently passed out, or fell quickly into delicious slumber. Ahh beer, how good you've been to me. Coffee not so much, gets me absolutely jittery, at least in the quantities I had today. Wow. Was talking with Alex and couldn't sit still, hands all aquiver and shaking... krazee. The end of an era... good luck ALAX (surriously).

Friday, April 27, 2007

4/27: Scrambled to find ten-days-old blue skies for this rainy Friday.

artDC opened last night and was a blast. I think everyone from the gallery is exhausted after this month's packed schedule. Still, it was fun to wander around (double-fisting it at least once thanks to a cool bartender looking out for my best interests) with spoils from the open bar. Breck, Marissa, Rose, Tang, and I hung out watching Kathryn Cornelius's red-carpet paparazzi performance. Was a little too drunk to fully comprehend what Mauro Ceolin, a very friendly Italian (from Bologna) video-game/graphic artist, was telling me, but I liked his work. His work sprawls outward from the nt art gallery booth; check it out. Chatted with John Lancaster, a guy from Charlottesville I used to nod at without ever knowing; he used to work at a health foods store and at the $1 movie theater I used to haunt, and used to have a gallery called Nature. (Whooo!)

Later walked over to Warehouse with Marissa to see Supple, a group show my co-worker Mary Early is in along with several gallery artists: Colby, James, and Robin. Then that was that... headed home and passed out happy with Friday off! Whooo! First Friday off in forever!!!!! And it's a rainy day!!! Whoooo! ;)

Went out to Virginia to jam with some guys Wednesday night. It was damn fun. First time I'd played bass with people in probably five or six years. Drummer's been playing since he was three years old and he's only freshly nineteen, but a definite bad-ass. Sounds like we'll get together again to see where things go. They're heading into a local big-name studio in a week or two before their bassist leaves to pursue his PhD in Boston. That's all for now (drop it like it's hot).

Sunday, April 22, 2007

insomuch as it has been said... let it be known the river runs red
blood of loons, game of runes, dreamer of tunes
little sheep have been seen, gnarled fingers soon paint the sky
buzzing phones awake me from false slumber
as i impatiently wait for sleeeeeeee
wait... "downstairs in 10," a text informs
"k," i respond
4/22: Demon House had an open house tonight and had another small turnout, but the applicant quality was very good and we picked what we hope will be a great pair of new housemates. (Whoo!) As always, there was at least one hottie who wouldn't fit in, but who sure was hot anyway.

I was exhausted from lack of sleep, but I wandered around with a Camus book for much of the mid-part of the day, reading in Dupont Circle, on Mt Pleasant St while waiting for Mike, and at home for a bit. Drank some coffee, ate some Heller's Bakery goodies, had a good sandwich at home, got a pint of Ben & Jerry's Peanut Butter Cup ice cream at New Hampshire Mart, and now it's 10:30 and I need dinner. Hmmm. Pasta or eggs? My culinary skills will be put to the test.

Back to indoor gallery work this week. Bah. Springtime is in full effect and I've gotta be inside to earn a stupid thing called money? That's against nature at best and clearly plain wrong; I must examine my list of goals--ahhh, it says right here that I currently have no goals! Therein lies the problem! Goddamnit.

Saturday, April 21, 2007

4/21: Some lo-res pix taken by my brother. I like them. They look as if they were shot with a digital Holga.

Man, what a gorgeous effing pair of days to have to work indoors. Oh well. These days the light around here has the angle and warmth I recall (and drool over) from a couple of years ago in Italy and Spain. But I don't make pictures these days... too bored, tired, indifferent, and full of excuses. Went running with Mike along Rock Creek Friday evening. Got raging drunk Thursday night and felt it the following morning... whoops. Worked with Lyt Thursday out in VA; he gave an informative Earth Day tree tour for Airlie employees. At the Corcoran Fine Arts thesis opening Thursday one of my favorite former professors had good gossip. :) Also heard from another former professor that he, too, won't be back after this semester. Ahhh... change. It suxx yet is quite necessary for growth to occur--on so many levels. Man I'm deep. Anyway. That's all... just had a couple of minutes to chill out after work... now on to fun, food, and drink.

Monday, April 16, 2007

4/15-16: Sunday was the final packed day of The Photography Show, AIPAD's 27th annual production. I let a few friends in, Lizzy helped Bill Frisell with his tickets, and I learned from Steven Kasher that I'd not recognized Wim Wenders in Lou Reed's group the day before--oh the horror! Anyway... 6PM and a small wine buzz signaled the end of the show, so I helped Kim and Mary pack up Hemphill's booth. Left them to finish up so I could...

Join Kathleen's small wrap party at Brasserie on 53rd St. It was a good evening, full of smiles, relief and, again, good food and drinks. Asked the hot bartender to surprise me and she fixed me a tasty Patron margarita... hadn't had Patron in a few years and forgot how smooth it is. Passed out in my room exhausted by the weekend, and woke up early from depressing dreams after having beautiful sleep the previous nights.

The city had something around 8" of rain Sunday, so trains were delayed a bit. The train poked along through New Jersey. Looking out the window it felt like we were on a boat, since we were riding through water that was at times above the tracks. Apparently when that happens the train has to stop for the conductors to measure the water depth. At Trenton the river was ridiculously high. After that it got better, but the train was still an hour late to DC. Go Amtrak!

Sunday, April 15, 2007

4/14: Wandered Saturday's sunny streets with a hot cup of coffee en route to the Armory. A gazillion people came through. I helped Lou Reed and Laurie Anderson with their comp tickets and showed him how to reach a certain gallery's booth. Later I spoke to Jerry Spagnoli, from whom I took a Daguerreotype class in Montana a few years ago. Went out to eat with Patti of AIPAD, and Corey; we walked a long ways before finding a comfortable place to spend a couple of hours talking, eating, and drinking. Supposed to monsoon Sunday. Wooohooo.

Saturday, April 14, 2007

4/13: Friday was fun. Saw Joel Meyerowitz (he's old!), and Paul Roth, too. Wandered around the fair to inspect the groovy photos again (does a $185,000 Weston interest you? There's one here...). Took lots more money from visitors.

Went out to eat with Charlotte, Kimberly, and George at a nice restaurant and had my second great steak in less than a week (thanks George!).

Friday, April 13, 2007

4/12: Rode Amtrak's Acela for the first time, it's fast but just a dumb American train. Talked with Claude from Step Afrika! about art until he left the train at BWI.

Arrived in NYC, checked into the hotel, got a bite to eat at a little deli, did the short walk up Lexington Ave to the 67th St Armory in the mist and started working with Kathleen at the ticket desk. Wandered through the vendors a little bit, said hi to George and Kim; our booth walls have just the right amount of photographs--not too full. Already saw a couple of celebrities... and Thursday's supposedly the slow day.

When the day was done I walked back with Charlotte and when she stopped to get some wine, I was chatted up by a cute Swedish girl trying to get me to buy White Cranberry Aqua Vit vodka; she mixed a very tasty sample cocktail, but I'm not a big vodka drinker these days... alas. ;)

Corey came down and we wandered around looking for a diner before winding up at a place over on 2nd Ave right around the corner from the Pod Hotel, where I stayed last year.

Thursday, April 12, 2007

4/10-11: fabulous dinner at Buck's with a few cool artists from my gallery; a couple shots of the in-progress Jason Gubbiotti, Leon Berkowitz, and Portia Munson show installation; and, finally, dinner at Raf's with another friend and artist.

I'm off to NYC this morning, returning Monday. I strongly urge everyone in the known universe to attend the Saturday night opening at Hemphill Fine Arts, it's a really colorful, exciting, and intelligent show.

Sunday, April 08, 2007

4/7: Read this article in today's Washington Post.
4/7: Waynesboro.

Life is motion. Life is good friends and family (sometimes plastic rabbits too).

4/7: Waynesboro.

4/7: April snow on Batesville blossoms. Waynesboro.

Friday, April 06, 2007

4/6: Had to hustle at the gallery the past few days getting stuff ready for AIPAD.

Went to The Ellipse Arts Center "Hand Pulled" opening to see my friend Craig Webb's awesome print. I took a photo of it and am appropriating it for my own blog use. We set a tentative date for a summertime lawsuit regarding owner/creator rights. That way we may wear seersucker and play croquet if and when we attempt to mediate the lawsuit.

In the midst of a long run of busy days. DC/VA/NY. April is gonna be fun!

Monday, April 02, 2007

4/2: After deciding to get married for dual-citizenship purposes, Alex gave Rafal a piggyback ride home from a dinner of half-priced pasta. You heard it here first! ;)

Spent today on the road to and from C'ville. Tax season... time to gather papers from scattered locations and try to get it done in time. Taxes... sheesh.