Monday, January 29, 2007

1/29: Worked with Lyt today. The wind numbed my mind and chilled my bones. I wore a tee, two poly-pro shirts, a fleece vest, a hooded windbreaker, and a heavy fleece over that. The wind... was miserable.

Barbaro the Derby winner was euthanized today = sad. I keep forgetting to order DR Lo-Rider strings for my bass = bah! Saw a gorgeous BIG red fox today just after leaving the farm where we worked, plus the usual plethora of hawks along the interstate = beautiful. Our mass is ended, go now in peace.

Sunday, January 28, 2007

1/27: Met Alissa and Jeff at Iota for Erin McKeown's hometown CD release show. Talk about being on point! She and her band rocked out. If you dig her studio discs, make it a point to see her live, coz she sounds even better; her guitar's full-throated dirty growl and her raspy/breathy vocals are immaculate yet don't sound contrived. She performed in the moment--the now--and the energy she expended engaging with the crowd was a delight to behold.

1/28: Assisted Rajesh today in Maryland. It was fun; I feel I had a better understanding of what was going on and expected after our previous workdates.

Thursday, January 25, 2007

1/25: Rose very kindly hooked me up with a ticket to David Lynch's latest, Inland Empire. It's long and odd--and I say that having already seen at least a half-dozen of his films.

It was sunny when I arrived, but three hours later I emerged into the bitterly cold gloom of a winter evening with nasty precipitation coating the sidewalks.

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

1/23: Spent the day in the wilds of Rappahannock County. Gorgeous. Expensive too. Worked on a gentleman farmer's place that's on the market for $11.9 million bucks.
In 44 days my age will advance by one year. Is that because my years are shorter than others'? (No.) I've got no more than 410 days left in my twenties. (Unless time measurement methods change.)
I really think it's time for me to move on from my house. Too many frustrations. Too many hours spent doing nothing. Too many limitations on my personal space. So many people = +/-, but I'm mostly feeling the - on that side of things recently. If it was my house and I had phat cash I'd fix it up and rent it by the floor. But it's not, it's just a shithole instead. It could and should be a beautiful, secure, energy efficient place for me to let a few of my friends live with me if I so chose... but I have a vivid imagination. Daydreaming............
Sunny Europe keeps hitting me in the head with near-daily frequency, begging me to come record new mental images. But I've got no plans for anything (and definitely don't have trip-making finances)... not even plans for the next several months (vague ideas and images, with intense desires, in my head... but that's it other than some sawdust). Just floating through the days like a single high-altitude cloud doing cartwheels across an otherwise deep blue sky... going somewhere... becoming something else... but not sure of the what, where, why, when, and how. And how indeed!
Okay, so maybe all these paragraphs don't actually add up to this sum, but here's the total I came up with for now: I've been as happy as I've ever been, at least as an adult, for the last eight months. Of course there have been some spikes and valleys--this IS &rew! And who knows if that caveat of a moment ago, "as an adult," is accurate. It's easy to remember moments of the past and assign the feelings of fond recollection they inspire to represent a much larger slice of time. (Time is silly. Have you ever seen Father Time? Tell me you didn't laugh at him!) Anyway. My point is this... I like this girl. I know this, and it is ALL I know right now.

Monday, January 22, 2007

1/21: First snow of the season and year.

Jabari arrived from NYC late Saturday to crash on one of our couches. Okay, fine, the real reason he came down was to participate in the DSSAP reading at Meat Market.

At that reading Dr. Smith (I presume) may have done a little break dancing to one of Doug Lang's poems.

Look at all the familiar Corcoran people who came out to say "Hi!" to art (you can wave at them, it's all right).

Walked home as the snow continued to fall and wanted someone to say "Rosebud," but the silent pedestrians had left their sleds behind.

Saturday, January 20, 2007

1/20: It's cold. Woke up with a crick in my neck due to sleeping for 12 hours in my draughty room.

Listening to Sugar and Candy by 2 Skinnee J's, it's fairly ethereal with a moody and solid funky core that matches my state of mind and body odor.

Thinking about driving somewhere to get out of the cold house. Want to get tix for upcoming 9:30 Club shows, but the ticket office doesn't open until 6pm. Anybody going to see Lily Allen on Friday 2/16?

Started the new Ian Rankin mystery for a couple of hours while curled up in my sleeping bag on a couch downstairs. I'm afraid to get cold outside and have nowhere to go to warm up. It must suck to be homeless in this weather--and this isn't even really cold, more like seasonable. Blah.

Talked to my former professor Bernard and Earl the DC arborist at the Long View Gallery opening reception for Matt Hollis last night. TMC drank wine and champagne and stumbled home.

There's a D'Steel(e) Society of Advanced Poetics reading at Meat Market Gallery Sunday from 5-7pm.

Thursday, January 18, 2007

1/18: My year has been busy thus far. But I sense a glitch, an imperfection, a coming gloom, the gloaming, a need to go roaming, and feel I require a day of real sunshine.

It's hard to pinpoint, and maybe it's an inaccurate reading, but a knowledge of self remains, and to that I listen. Intuition. Countering that, I know I create my own reality. My world is endless because I believe it. Endless opportunity. Of course I can be, and am, affected by others, and their thoughts too, but I have firmly believed in my world for a long time. I think others feel I'm more than a tad bit weird, but each to their own; we all have our own journeys to make. I'll dream mine as full of magical people and scenery. (If my dreams are impacted by having read too many fantasy-filled books with remarkable, and often incorrigible, youthful heroes... oh well.) Without dreams would anything ever change? +++++ * The above post was written more for the rhythm of the words than for a genuine desire to impart the mental status of (un)said author. Oh... blah.

Had to do a roundtrip to Charlottesville on Wednesday. Grabbed a Christmas present at home that arrived late from the UK, and also snagged my bass amp. I plugged it in and confirmed that I won't be able to play it here... far too loud even when my bass is turned as far down as it can be and still send a decent signal. Oh well. It'll just make my itch worse! Yay.

Looking for good music? Try The Twilight Singers and join in my addiction of the past two months.

Monday, January 15, 2007

1/15: This is the first book I've finished in five months (I used to be a voracious reader). Like the other books of his I've read it's very good--very self-conscious but confident, and masterfully written. Couldn't put it down. Couldn't bear to finish it either.

Anybody with off-street parking in DC looking for a roommate? Anybody in the closer in VA 'burbs looking for a roommate? Not looking for a party house. Visualizing a modern or well-kept house or large apartment within walking distance of cool stuff, shops, Metro, with easy parking. Not really looking hard, but keep me in mind should something pop up.

Sunday, January 14, 2007

1/13: Later that evening, after seeing swarms of folks I know at the 1515 openings, Mike, Jimmy, and I waited for Larissa's bus.

1/13: The day was unseasonably warm (again), so we hung out by the Potomac and played fetch with Max, a big friendly Lab. The day, the location, and my companion were all gorgeous.

1/13: Spent most of the day down in Maryland.

Sunday, January 07, 2007

1/6: A fun night in "The Greatest City In America" started with Sam Holden's opening at Shinola Gallery. Made one of my trademark boring shots of a sidewalk near Ottobar, where Sam's band Shineola played a fast-paced set, after which he said goodnight to his former intern Lara Fahey while I played paparazzi to the camera-shy photographers.

Saturday, January 06, 2007

1/6: On my way back across the river in heavy Key Bridge traffic (70 degrees in January = hordes of pedestrians).