Saturday, December 22, 2007

~What an (insert superlative here) ______ week. Four days off, then a good day in the trees at Airlie, a lot of art installed for a few gallery clients, dinner with a delightful girl, a bunch-o-fun with Rafal (his birthday party last night traveled: Stetson's, L'Enfant, Bar Pilar, concluding with dancing at St. Ex), just a really good week full of giant ecstatic grins. Oh, did I mention a wonderful young woman?
~Taking a friend to the airport tomorrow on my way home for a couple of days. Gonna hang out with her awesome cat, Dr. Little, for a few days when I get back. A couple of tree days coming up on the horizon. Then a full-speed return to the gallery! Good stuff.
~Looking forward to January. The days become noticeably longer, the cold snaps down, the start of my third decade creeps closer, & it'll be time for running to pick up again.
~Better go work on my Christmas '07 edition of books... might actually finish a couple before the day arrives! Running low on my Italian paper. Need to get a bunch of Fabriano soon, also some leather & book cloth (+ a workspace!)
~Happy Holidays to those who celebrate them! Whoo!

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