Wednesday, December 05, 2007

~Tree days canceled due to illness & inclement weather = bah.
~Furnace not being repaired until Friday = brrr.
~Roughing it Demon House style = priceless.
~Fieldtrip to Tryst with roommates for lunch & hot chocolate = fun.
~Spending the week under covers, wearing polypro & many layers of fleece = why am I spending my third winter here? (Coz of the awesome people with whom I live! Duh!)
~The Coen Bros. No Country For Old Men is great. It kicks ass. Nary a gratuitous or unnecessary scene to be seen. Eloquently succinct, never brusque, beautifully edited & shot = see it.
~Shot a handful of film (!) pix the last couple of days (black & white), the first I've made in well over half a year. Ooooh... mebbe creativity rears its head from lapping at alcohol!
~Got some new sheets... ahh. Gonna go nestle in them now.

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mike said...

god, this blog is depressing