Monday, December 03, 2007

~Still no new laptop. Mebbe in January I'll find $3K to blow.
~Wind! Supposed to do tree work the next two days but with all this wind & the forecast calling for snow, guess I'll play it by ear.
~Furnace is on the fritz; supposed to be repaired Tuesday.
~Groceries in VA with Rafal... lots of fun & money.
~Finally got my Mamiya 7II back! Time to shoot film again.
~Keep losing track of time & not seeing the Coen Bros. new film.
~My friend has turned me on to The Clash this fall. I never realized how many of their songs I knew. Been buying CDs since my laptop died: Go! Team, Brazilian Girls, two Clash discs, two M.I.A. discs, Aimee Mann, Erin McKeown, & The Soul Savers.
~The Soul Savers' Black Cat show was good, if sparsely attended, Thursday night. Was happy to run into Hatnim. Saw Sam Holden looking out for his pal Mark Lanegan. Met a nice couple at the bar, Matt and Becca, he's a professor at Frostburg State, she's an arts writer trying to break into the DC scene.
~Too many 6-day weeks with more than one span of double-digit consecutive days worked proved too much for me, when factoring in my proclivity for not sleeping so I may stay up to hang out with my bartender friend, or just to close out bars, so I'm not working in the kitchen at Rafal's any more.
~Rah rah rah.
~Am so fucking completely through with being the EAR for just about everyone I know to complain to, moan & groan, feel sorry for themselves, voice their doubts, ask my opinion on where they should steer their lives... I am clearly a fucked up individual with little helpful to share, & I don't want or need any of your misery. So, if you don't have anything pleasant, nice & cheery, positive, hopeful, proactive, &/or inertia-denying to share with me via the phone or in person... leave me alone. Other than this stupid blog I by & large keep my shit to myself.
~Added up some receipts I've kept since late July from my neighborhood bar... over $1300... which isn't as much as I've spent, just the receipts I've kept.
~Hung out with Andrew Mokey, & Ben Ferry too, a couple of nights last week.
~Called my friend awful names while wasted a couple of Saturdays ago. I've done some stupid stuff this year, but that's got to be tied for first with a couple of other monumentally effed-up things to do. Earlier that night we may have walked out of a downtown bar with four beer glasses in our coat pockets.
~I need people who are creative, live in walking distance or short Metro rides away, want to make music, movies, books & photos, can drink without getting wasted or angry, have warm houses wherein I am welcome to crash during the upcoming cold winter, & who aren't artworld game players. Drinking is becoming boring.
~Had a remarkably lovely Thanksgiving at Alissa & Jeff's in Alexandria: good food, good friends, awesome puppy, played Yahtzee for the first time in years, drank a lot of good wine & was driven to Metro by a sober & nice neighbor. Got home & had a beer with Rafal before heading up the hill to another friend's apartment, where I joined her, her funny mom & her awesome sister, in playing a really fun game called Pit, drinking lots of wine & champagne, & staying up listening to music until 7am. A truly delightful day with delicious food at both homes.

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