Wednesday, December 26, 2007

~Caught Christenberry's show on its last day at UVA; next stop American U's Katzen Center. Went out to eat with my big sister at an overpriced restaurant before crashing at her house. Spent much of Monday with my brother before crashing at his place with a big Chimay Cinq Cents & a Rochefort 10 to aid in enjoying The Bourne Ultimatum. Forgot about wine & cheese on Christmas Eve... so I had some on Christmas before we ate. An odd Christmas. Bought a bunch of Fabriano paper, so bookmaking may continue in my free time. Hanging out with Little, who is a very cool cat. Lunched at Raku with Rafal. Awaiting the new year with bated breath.


mike said...

God! Youre doing great!

I'm glad.

Craig said...

Very happy to hear that you are making books bro!