Wednesday, December 26, 2007

~Caught Christenberry's show on its last day at UVA; next stop American U's Katzen Center. Went out to eat with my big sister at an overpriced restaurant before crashing at her house. Spent much of Monday with my brother before crashing at his place with a big Chimay Cinq Cents & a Rochefort 10 to aid in enjoying The Bourne Ultimatum. Forgot about wine & cheese on Christmas Eve... so I had some on Christmas before we ate. An odd Christmas. Bought a bunch of Fabriano paper, so bookmaking may continue in my free time. Hanging out with Little, who is a very cool cat. Lunched at Raku with Rafal. Awaiting the new year with bated breath.

Saturday, December 22, 2007

~What an (insert superlative here) ______ week. Four days off, then a good day in the trees at Airlie, a lot of art installed for a few gallery clients, dinner with a delightful girl, a bunch-o-fun with Rafal (his birthday party last night traveled: Stetson's, L'Enfant, Bar Pilar, concluding with dancing at St. Ex), just a really good week full of giant ecstatic grins. Oh, did I mention a wonderful young woman?
~Taking a friend to the airport tomorrow on my way home for a couple of days. Gonna hang out with her awesome cat, Dr. Little, for a few days when I get back. A couple of tree days coming up on the horizon. Then a full-speed return to the gallery! Good stuff.
~Looking forward to January. The days become noticeably longer, the cold snaps down, the start of my third decade creeps closer, & it'll be time for running to pick up again.
~Better go work on my Christmas '07 edition of books... might actually finish a couple before the day arrives! Running low on my Italian paper. Need to get a bunch of Fabriano soon, also some leather & book cloth (+ a workspace!)
~Happy Holidays to those who celebrate them! Whoo!

Thursday, December 13, 2007

~Tu/W I worked with Lyt between Marshall & Middleburg. Awesome. I cannot describe the manic highs that working outdoors produces in me. The land of Mosby's Rangers, one of my childhood heroes (he grew up near where I grew up; he shot a fellow UVA student--imagine the news frenzy that would incur today). Dunno if I'd ever been above I-66 in that part of the Commonwealth before. Hope to go shooting pitchers out there. Drove back through the Manassas National Battlefield Park. So much blood shed in Virginia during that war.
~Monday afternoon my friend Joe showed me around his stomping grounds in NE, his 'hood; it was a really fun day off, made me wish I had a nice digi-SLR to get instant feedback on all those mental pix I made... an intensely photogenic area, with character.
~Forgot to get a Christmas tree while I was out there. Damn it.
~Must hit the Bayly before the 23rd to catch Bill Christenberry's show.
~Drank a lot of wine & beer last night (slowly--6pm-2am) & really didn't feel like waking up for work; was a lovely dark, damp day to spend in bed with a bunch of hot cookies & some good books (or a yummy girl ;).
~Sally Mann called me last week.
~Met up with Chris & Rachel in the 'burbs for a terribly boring opening at the Arlington Arts Center. Was a good reminder of why I live in the city... the monoculture of blandness across the river was very depressing. Here in my 'hood we've got shootings within walking distance, people of all races, cops racing by, bikes, cars, trucks, streetsweepers (even Tec-9s), dogs, cats, birds, trees, bums, drunks, bar-goers, workers of all sorts, androgynous couples, same-sex couples, heteros, babies, old folks, natives, transients, college education, high school education, no education, politicos (the Governor of Montana was in my bar last week, he shook my hand, & he tipped the doorman $100), jerks, nice folks, crazies (hi!), & so forth & so on.
~Really looking forward to our January show: Joe Mills & John Alexander. Alexander has a retrospective exhibit at the Smithsonian's American Art Museum opening next week on the 21st. Joe's work is crazy--I love it. The few Alexander pieces I've seen look crazy & awesome too. This show should kick ass.
-Well fed & feeling very elegant indeed, Babar went to the tailor.

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

~Tree days canceled due to illness & inclement weather = bah.
~Furnace not being repaired until Friday = brrr.
~Roughing it Demon House style = priceless.
~Fieldtrip to Tryst with roommates for lunch & hot chocolate = fun.
~Spending the week under covers, wearing polypro & many layers of fleece = why am I spending my third winter here? (Coz of the awesome people with whom I live! Duh!)
~The Coen Bros. No Country For Old Men is great. It kicks ass. Nary a gratuitous or unnecessary scene to be seen. Eloquently succinct, never brusque, beautifully edited & shot = see it.
~Shot a handful of film (!) pix the last couple of days (black & white), the first I've made in well over half a year. Ooooh... mebbe creativity rears its head from lapping at alcohol!
~Got some new sheets... ahh. Gonna go nestle in them now.

Monday, December 03, 2007

~Still no new laptop. Mebbe in January I'll find $3K to blow.
~Wind! Supposed to do tree work the next two days but with all this wind & the forecast calling for snow, guess I'll play it by ear.
~Furnace is on the fritz; supposed to be repaired Tuesday.
~Groceries in VA with Rafal... lots of fun & money.
~Finally got my Mamiya 7II back! Time to shoot film again.
~Keep losing track of time & not seeing the Coen Bros. new film.
~My friend has turned me on to The Clash this fall. I never realized how many of their songs I knew. Been buying CDs since my laptop died: Go! Team, Brazilian Girls, two Clash discs, two M.I.A. discs, Aimee Mann, Erin McKeown, & The Soul Savers.
~The Soul Savers' Black Cat show was good, if sparsely attended, Thursday night. Was happy to run into Hatnim. Saw Sam Holden looking out for his pal Mark Lanegan. Met a nice couple at the bar, Matt and Becca, he's a professor at Frostburg State, she's an arts writer trying to break into the DC scene.
~Too many 6-day weeks with more than one span of double-digit consecutive days worked proved too much for me, when factoring in my proclivity for not sleeping so I may stay up to hang out with my bartender friend, or just to close out bars, so I'm not working in the kitchen at Rafal's any more.
~Rah rah rah.
~Am so fucking completely through with being the EAR for just about everyone I know to complain to, moan & groan, feel sorry for themselves, voice their doubts, ask my opinion on where they should steer their lives... I am clearly a fucked up individual with little helpful to share, & I don't want or need any of your misery. So, if you don't have anything pleasant, nice & cheery, positive, hopeful, proactive, &/or inertia-denying to share with me via the phone or in person... leave me alone. Other than this stupid blog I by & large keep my shit to myself.
~Added up some receipts I've kept since late July from my neighborhood bar... over $1300... which isn't as much as I've spent, just the receipts I've kept.
~Hung out with Andrew Mokey, & Ben Ferry too, a couple of nights last week.
~Called my friend awful names while wasted a couple of Saturdays ago. I've done some stupid stuff this year, but that's got to be tied for first with a couple of other monumentally effed-up things to do. Earlier that night we may have walked out of a downtown bar with four beer glasses in our coat pockets.
~I need people who are creative, live in walking distance or short Metro rides away, want to make music, movies, books & photos, can drink without getting wasted or angry, have warm houses wherein I am welcome to crash during the upcoming cold winter, & who aren't artworld game players. Drinking is becoming boring.
~Had a remarkably lovely Thanksgiving at Alissa & Jeff's in Alexandria: good food, good friends, awesome puppy, played Yahtzee for the first time in years, drank a lot of good wine & was driven to Metro by a sober & nice neighbor. Got home & had a beer with Rafal before heading up the hill to another friend's apartment, where I joined her, her funny mom & her awesome sister, in playing a really fun game called Pit, drinking lots of wine & champagne, & staying up listening to music until 7am. A truly delightful day with delicious food at both homes.