Monday, November 05, 2007

~Wandered around the city Sunday trying to spend money. Had fun & didn't even wind up spending much: chocolate at Mozart's, a black sweatshirt ("...I wear black, nothing but black, coz goddamn it's a brand new payback, fuck Pat Sajak..." *so said Ice Cube in a 2Pac song from eons ago).
~I wish I didn't get crazy, obsessed, & ultimately pissed off when a female gives me attention & then doesn't respond. Screw that, the ones I've hung out with have been as crazy as me anyway. Nice, but crazy. I'm fucking retarded, always burning bridges. Better to be busy working & making money. Time to save $$$$ & avoid bars. Bunch of movies out or coming out that I really want to see, so I'm agonna try to see them instead of tipping away my $$$ for the next couple of weeks, particularly since I'm gonna be busy as hell for November, with scarcely a day off between my three jobs. Sheeeit.
~Way too soon to be wintertime pissed off.
~Kitchen tonight, 2 Lyt, 2 HFA, kitchen, Sunday off, kitchen, 2 Lyt, possible day off, 2-4 HFA, 1-2 Lyt somewhere in there, Thanksgiving mebbe with Alissa & Jeff, more craziness afterwards = lots of income to shuttle thru my accounts towards entities lusting after my $$$$.

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mike said...

You said it mack, I'm through with women!

(Until I find me one.)