Friday, November 02, 2007

~Spent last night at my two bars.
~Woke up a touch late, my brutha from anutha mutha fixed me breakfast & I walked to work a little hungover with a travel mug of coffee to warm my hands in the morning cold. Had my day well planned & accomplished everything I intended. The gallery was sparkling when I left, too tired to stick around for the private preview reception. Met David Byrne. Was a good day to close out a very full gallery week.
~Hemphill's public opening takes place Saturday from 6-8pm featuring James Huckenpahler in Galleries 1 & 2, & David Byrne in Galleries 3 & 4. Other 1515 14th St galleries are opening too. Maybe I'll see you there.

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Mary1975 said...

Hi Andrew. Sometimes I read your blog. Thank you for spelling Huckenpahler correctly and not complaining about your coworkers.