Sunday, November 04, 2007

~EB & her friend Lisa hit the openings with me before (understandably) bouncing quickly for dinner. Had a good time chatting with people. Occasionally I wander around openings bored. Hung out w/ Mary watching people avoid banging into $20,000 chair sculptures--close calls with wine glasses extended over art. Got hooked up (thanks to Casey) with a ride to James' after-party at Comet, where we snacked on pizza & beer before snagging a ride to MtP with Frank Day. Wandered home, exchanging "WHOOOOO!z" with Jenn & Jeremy as they biked by. Was delicious to go to bed early--prolly only occurred a few times over the past handful of months. Caught up on much-needed sleep.

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Rachel said...

what a nice story! makes me nostalgic for DC. wooooo!