Wednesday, November 14, 2007

~My poor old laptop has given up the ghost, gone kaput, died. I think. I went to sleep Monday night listening to music from my iTunes & when the playlist ended the laptop went to sleep. I got up a few hours later to get ready for a couple of days with Lyt, woke the still slumbering giant & found it very slow in responding to any input or commands, so I tried to force-quit the programs that were running & re-launch Finder, but it took forever, so I tried to log out, but that took forever too, so I manually shut it down by holding the power button. When I restarted it never progressed from the gray screen to the blue screen, so I shut it down again. Subsequent restarts end at a gray screen with an OS9-style folder icon in the center that contains a flashing question mark & a smiling (mocking perhaps ;) Finder face.
~I am bummed.
~I'm hoping my Camry is going to be okay... 1) glasses, 2) laptop, 3)?
~So, enormously large readership (diet, please) of mine, I think I'll take a hiatus of undetermined duration from updating my silly blog. Of course I can update without my laptop, & mebbe I will, but mebbe it'll be better to live life without it for a bit, or forever.
~So don't send me email if you're trying to reach me in a timely manner... call my cell instead. If you don't know it, ask someone who does, or holler at me when you see me, or just holler out the window. Or try pissing in the wind.
~If you know someone with a new or very recent top-notch MacBook Pro (15" or 17") who wants to get rid of it for free/cheap/reasonable $, please let me know.
~Monday night, with a friend, saw the Joe Strummer documentary, The Future Is Unwritten, directed by Julien Temple.
~May go see David Kilgour tonight at DC9.
~Autumn in the country is beautiful... one must experience it firsthand.
~The End.

Saturday, November 10, 2007

~Right after I pulled on my sweatshirt & prepared to leave work Friday evening, standing right outside my gallery workroom: "POP!," my glasses finally broke--couldn't handle the stress anymore. So I walked home blind in the rainy, cold, dark rush-hour. Metro to Pentagon City... didn't like the selection of frames out there, so decided to miss kitchen work today (first Saturday off in a long time!) to get an eye exam & order some frames & contacts. Whoo. Did it downtown at a place recommended by Mary. Two right-eye contacts until my new gear arrives.
~Appreciated the funereal installation at my watering hole.
~Mr. Obvious says, "Parking."

~Scary face.
~Saturday morning walk home hilltop view.
~Laundry room wall detail.


Wednesday, November 07, 2007

~Wednesday AM: worked today with an even better view than this.
~Tuesday PM: self-p. time--peruse the shell instead of my rusty cogs.
~Tuesday AM: giant con-trail clouds over I-66.
~Monday PM: worked the kitchen solo for the 1st time during Adrian's fundraising event to allow him to finish producing his documentary.

Monday, November 05, 2007

~Wandered around the city Sunday trying to spend money. Had fun & didn't even wind up spending much: chocolate at Mozart's, a black sweatshirt ("...I wear black, nothing but black, coz goddamn it's a brand new payback, fuck Pat Sajak..." *so said Ice Cube in a 2Pac song from eons ago).
~I wish I didn't get crazy, obsessed, & ultimately pissed off when a female gives me attention & then doesn't respond. Screw that, the ones I've hung out with have been as crazy as me anyway. Nice, but crazy. I'm fucking retarded, always burning bridges. Better to be busy working & making money. Time to save $$$$ & avoid bars. Bunch of movies out or coming out that I really want to see, so I'm agonna try to see them instead of tipping away my $$$ for the next couple of weeks, particularly since I'm gonna be busy as hell for November, with scarcely a day off between my three jobs. Sheeeit.
~Way too soon to be wintertime pissed off.
~Kitchen tonight, 2 Lyt, 2 HFA, kitchen, Sunday off, kitchen, 2 Lyt, possible day off, 2-4 HFA, 1-2 Lyt somewhere in there, Thanksgiving mebbe with Alissa & Jeff, more craziness afterwards = lots of income to shuttle thru my accounts towards entities lusting after my $$$$.

Sunday, November 04, 2007

~EB & her friend Lisa hit the openings with me before (understandably) bouncing quickly for dinner. Had a good time chatting with people. Occasionally I wander around openings bored. Hung out w/ Mary watching people avoid banging into $20,000 chair sculptures--close calls with wine glasses extended over art. Got hooked up (thanks to Casey) with a ride to James' after-party at Comet, where we snacked on pizza & beer before snagging a ride to MtP with Frank Day. Wandered home, exchanging "WHOOOOO!z" with Jenn & Jeremy as they biked by. Was delicious to go to bed early--prolly only occurred a few times over the past handful of months. Caught up on much-needed sleep.

Saturday, November 03, 2007

~Misrach color.
~Two days off! If you've been phoning & getting no response... mebbe I'll call back someday. Not a lot to talk about. Work & beer.
~Holy crap I need new glasses. My lenses are probably five years old & long ago the "scratch-proof" finish proved itself unworthy of that designation. But they're ridiculously scratched now... like I was trying to frost them when cleaning my sweat off. Running, tree climbing... it all adds up to a mess. So I need Lasik &/or new frames, lenses, contacts... blah blah blah. Gotta find an eye doctor up here.

Friday, November 02, 2007

~Spent last night at my two bars.
~Woke up a touch late, my brutha from anutha mutha fixed me breakfast & I walked to work a little hungover with a travel mug of coffee to warm my hands in the morning cold. Had my day well planned & accomplished everything I intended. The gallery was sparkling when I left, too tired to stick around for the private preview reception. Met David Byrne. Was a good day to close out a very full gallery week.
~Hemphill's public opening takes place Saturday from 6-8pm featuring James Huckenpahler in Galleries 1 & 2, & David Byrne in Galleries 3 & 4. Other 1515 14th St galleries are opening too. Maybe I'll see you there.